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Hi ONS Gamers, Tirc here rolling out a new feature on the site. There are a few contributors on the site that play World of Warcraft and we would like to bring you our thoughts and experiences within Azeroth and beyond.

I have recently started playing World of Warcraft again after being out of the game for about 6 months. I am the guild leader of The Eternal Brotherhood which is an alliance guild on the Lothar US server. I have three max level characters: My Paladin Thaddias who is Ret/Holy, my Druid Draggond who is currently Resto/Guardian and my Rogue Saamon who is Assasin/TBD who I just leveled up through the boost to 90 with the pre-order of Warlords. I have eleven characters total which I will list them all below so that when I write about them in the future you will understand what level they are when I talk about it. I will try to keep these levels current and will also put a link to their armory page on their name. I would consider myself an altoholic, I like to play a number of characters each week while still trying to improve my main at the time.

I would really like to get feedback from the ONS Gamers out there whether you’ve played WoW in the past or if you are still playing. Our guild can always use more players if you care to transfer servers!

1/24/15 – I have updated my character’s levels to reflect their current status.

Tirc’s character list:

  • Thaddias – Paladin (Prot/Retribution) lvl 94
  • Draggond – Druid (Resto/Guardian) lvl 90
  • Tirc – Hunter (Beast Master/Marks) lvl 91
  • Notrab – Mage (Frost/Fire) lvl 90
  • Darrkknight – Death Knight (Frost/Blood) lvl 92
  • Gloinarius – Warrior (Fury/Arms) lvl 90
  • Blakely – Priest (Holy/Disc) lvl 100
  • Trab – Shaman (Enhancement/Restoration) lvl 77
  • Tyranisius – Warlock (Destruction/Affliction) lvl 100
  • Zhius – Monk (Windwalker/Mistweaver) lvl 69
  • Saamon – Rogue (Combat/TBD) lvl 90

B.T.’s characters list:

  • Zeffrow – NE Druid (Feral) Lvl 87
  • Jagga – O Warlock (Demonology) Lvl 40
  • Elgalad – H Mage (Frost) Lvl 33
  • Wolfrem – W Hunter (Marksman) Lvl 30
  • Kassus – H Paladin (Holy) Lvl 26
  • Lamagra – T Shaman (Elemental) Lvl 18
  • Zhenhiro – P Monk (Brewmaster) Lvl 14

These aren’t all my characters but they are some of the ones I have played; These are all from the Lothar server; and from the once twin guilds, but I have played on two other servers, one with my brother: Mannoroth (that was our first server, we switched to Lothar) and also Blades Edge server. For me I was never a pvp player, and always preferred the pve storyline/basic quests and side quests.

If there is something specific you would like our thoughts on within the game send an email to or comment here on the site, otherwise we will try to hit on a variety of topics. The blog posts will come out like normal posts but will linked here as well to keep an archive.

We all here at ONS Gaming want to thank you for reading our post(s), don’t hesitate to leave comments or ask us questions down below or message us via Twitter or Facebook! Follow or like us at any of our mediums to show support 😀

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Twitter: @TheONSGaming

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