Up Coming ONS Gaming Events



:Upcoming ONS Gaming Events:

11/24-26 -Fall Harvest -Mini-Event-


You can expect a few posts weekly/ Videos are currently being worked on and once several of them are finished you can expect them weekly/bi-weekly. Events may have special videos unique to them and some games or videos may occur on specific relative events.

ONS Gaming Youtube Channel

Videos that can be expected: Reviews/Retrospectives, and Lists. Let’s Plays and Vlogs will also occur. Pages will be updated on Weekends or as needed if it isn’t a content related page.


We can always be reached on our social medias:
Twitter: @TheONSGaming

Facebook: Facebook.com/theonsgaming

If for whatever reason we can’t be you can reach B.T on this Twitter handle:

B.T.’s Twitter: @ONSGBTSmith

If you have a review you wish to see, a game talked about or some other similar request don’t hesitate to ask or suggest!


Events are subject to change; some events may be added, and some may be removed or altered.

ONS Gaming Yearly Events:

01/01 New Years Day -observance-

02/13-15 ONS Gaming’s Valentines Event. -Mini-Event-

MMM- March Mini-Event Madness-

Mecha Madness (Every Monday of March (2015))

03/03- Three Kings Day (Every Year)

03/28-31/2015- Wrestling Event

04/01 ONS Gaming’s Gaming Fools Event -Mini-Event-

05/01-07- Star Wars Week  (05/04-SWDay, May the Force Be With You)
05/25- Geek Pride Day -observance-
05/23-26 : Memorial Racing Weekend   (Memorial Day Weekend Event~ Race games) – Mini-Event-

06/06: D-Day Event  – Mini Event-

06/14-16: Birth of DPG -Mini Event-

07/02- I Forgot Day ~ Let yourselves forget those Chores, let yourself accept somethings will be forgotten but not all things… -observance-

08/08- Birth of ONS Gaming
08/22-28 -Zelda Week

09/10-16-  Mario Week

10/25-31 -Horror Halloween Bash

11/26-28 -Fall Harvest -Mini-Event-

12/11th-17th Final Fantasy Week
12/19-25 -Week of Noel & Merriment

:Official Off Days:

Any posts that fall on these days will still be posted; They will be finished before hand and submitted 😀

New Years Day: January 1st
Memorial Day: Last Monday of May
Independence Day: July 4th
Labor Day: 1st Monday of September
Thanksgiving Day: Last Thursday of November
Christmas Day: December 25th

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