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Hello ONS Gamers,

Tirc here to bring you a new feature on the site based on a game that is currently in the alpha stage that I am participating in named Hex: Shards of Fate. The game is being developed by Cryptozoic, the makers of the WoW TCG and many other card and board games. Hex is an online MMO-TCG. I’ll let that mull around in your head for a while…

Hex Logo

For those of you who haven’t heard of this game it’s core rule set is very close to Magic the Gathering. The PVP side of the game operates very much like Magic but completely in a digital space. There is also a PVE side of things which includes dungeons and raids against the AI. You will have a champion that you can equip with 6 different pieces of armor/accessories/weapons. You will be able to use your PVP cards for PVE but not the other way around as the PVE cards will generally be more powerful.

In alpha the only thing available is PVP. All of the set 1 cards are now out, that set being named Shards of Fate. In the current state of the game everyone has access to at least 4 copies of every card for testing and all tournaments are free to enter. At some point in the beta, which closed beta should be coming out very soon, the cards will be wiped and people will be awarded their Kickstarter rewards and the game will move into the monetized stage. All resources are free and “infinite” in the game so your booster packs will not include resources as they do in Magic. Each booster pack will have 15 cards and costs $2. Themed starter decks will cost $10 and will have 60 cards, but they count the resources as part of the 60 to allow new players to just select the deck and go without having to build it.

I won’t go into rules of the game in this article as I am going to put together a video. I think that will explain things a lot better than reading it here. Check out to check the game out and learn more from the developers.

The extent of my TCG playing history, I played Magic very infrequently about 18 years ago but have collected cards here and there since then. My brother was about 9 or 10 and didn’t have much patience for a game like this. I also currently play the Pokemon TCG with my son from time to time. Ever since I started collecting Magic cards I have had a strong urge to really engross myself in a card game. Now that one has been created in a digital space where I can play around my schedule from the comforts of my home, I may have found that game.

Thank you for reading this introduction to Hex and I look forward to writing more articles and producing video content on Hex.

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