The Bottom Line

The BottomLine

The Bottom Line is a one stop shop… err guide at a glance on games and whether you should or shouldn’t play them based on our expertly [sarcastically expert] opinion. They may or may not be actually backed by reasons of any logical sense. In fact some may simply be a parody or making fun of the game.

Even still the Bottom Line conclusion will be legit and reflect our true feelings upon the game. Some of the games on here will have been talked about before, some will not and some may never see a main article on them for whatever reason.


As of 12/14/15 The Bottom Line will be displayed in alphabetical order!


Animal Crossing


  • Nintendo polish, the games presentation and art style are wonderful.
  • Real Life [Equality..?] Simulator- a near perfect world simulation; filled with characters of various genders and races that fill out a world with the same basic size houses with basic jobs and of course normal holidays.
  • Open World with little to know game narrative that forces you to play in a linear way.
  • Teaches players to be weary of buying or accepting help from strangers without knowing the full details.
  • Promotes hobby interests, such as bug collecting, fossil finding, etc.
  • Everyone is cute. Again the game is rather stylized.
  • This game has a lot to offer and can spend a lot of time doing tasks in game.
  • The Game Cube version has old NES games that can be found, bought , and or hacked into the game and these classics are playable.



  • Game plot is paying back arbitrary debt…
  • It’s Real life… annoying job, annoying debt, annoying neighbors/socialites…
  • Notice on arbitrary debt… the debt is valid it’s the value amount that is arbitrary and is expanded on… kind of like real life.
  • Time consumer. Any number of things you do in game if you find interesting try to do them in real life!


Bottom Line: Play & Buy, while this game is very time consuming, it’s completely worth your time. Though it is advised to get the Game Cube version as that version contains the classic Nintendo games for no extra price over the games cost. Any other version has those removed from it. The game is addicting and its fun to build up your home and amass decorations and so on.




Dark Void


* Scifi/Twilight Zone-esque storyline

* Based on a game that was never finished in the NES era.

* Innovative vertical cover system

* Interesting alternative history (story)

*  Music score by Battlestar Galactica composer Bear McCreary


* Average 3rd person shooter game play

* Feeling of the game being rushed

* Technical issues

Bottom Line: Play, don’t buy unless you can get a copy for cheap.


Dead Pixels (Click here for post)



* Zombies…

* Survival

* Based on 80’s Romero Zombie dead movies (Dawn of the Dead, Night of the Living Dead etc)

* Role playing game mechanics/stats

* Multiplayer co-op surviving

* Currently costs $2.99 on Steam

* Not-so-serious, levels of camp abound.


* This game is too Short in its main game, it does have other game modes however.

* Zombies? I love them, you love them… but… for the most part they are often over done, lets let something else have the spot light for a change…

* In Co-op modes, competition for money/loot

* Levels of Campy are comedic but are just fleetingly filling.

The Bottom Line: Buy and Play it, it has zombies, and survival and honestly it gives off more entertainment then it’s price point it is worth to own.


 Dokapon Kingdom



* Family/Party Game (4-Players)

* Requires only one controller, and can be a Wii remote, classic Wii controller or a GameCube controller.

* Character Customizable, Male or Female Characters as well as variances in classes.

* Offers variants of play modes, from short play to story mode.

* Turn based, allowing for stops for food, breaks, bathroom visits or other reasons (only with trusted players).

* A mix between Monopoly and Mario Party; a good alternative to either, a little akin to a table top party lite RPG in a lot of ways but wrapped in a cute and kid friendly way.

* Ability to save and drop the game on a dime.


* Occasionally frustrating against computer opponents, rubber-band syndrome AI issues.

* A mix between Monopoly and Mario Party; so like those two games equally frustrations over duration on longer modes; and when players are land sliding wining.

* Further issues come in when friends use possible humiliations players can play on others when victorious in duels; instead of killing or stealing items or money you can change the players name, or appearance. While this is fun when it’s occasional; players may feel slighted with/without alcohol.

* IF; table tops aren’t your thing, and nether are rpg’s or board games you may not like this one.

* Avoid Alcohol.

The Bottom Line: It’s a fun admittedly frustrating game at times but it is ultimately with others it shines as what it is; a party game. If you have a Wii, and have friends over or family game night Get it to Own. Certainly better than an 18 hour game of Monopoly.





  • The games story is quirky, simplistic and entertaining.
  • Game play: Platforming in 2d yet the world is “3d”, but only to “fez” during the adventure.
  • Puzzles/Collect-a-thons. (pro if you like or enjoy these kinds of things..)
  • Old style graphical art, is a nice throw back.
  • Magical Fez… how can it not be good!


  • Repetitive game play (but you know its going to exist. and can be ignored since the platforming is entertaining.)
  • A magical Fez, are you serious?
  • Creator is apparently a jerk and shouldn’t be supported.
  • Simplistic story.
  • Collect-a-thons/Puzzles, con if you don’t care for these types of game concepts.

The Bottom Line: Despite its innovations and overall fun that this game provides it’s simply a Play it, but don’t own it, due to the repetition and the fact the creator is an arrogant jerk, There are older games that exist that do platforming or puzzles better.


Final Fantasy Mystic Quest



  • It’s a training game with hand holding for players that haven’t played JRPG’s before.
  • It is Kid Friendly.
  • Chocobo’s exist in world.
  • Entry Level JRPG story: An epic story detailing the gathering of 4 elemental items (crystals in this case).
  • Weapons have “overworld” usage.
  • Light layer of strategy- element weakness as well as weapon type weaknesses.
  • Enemies are on screen, enemies have different stages per their health level giving you easily identified understanding on if they are close to death.
  • (if it’s not an issue) Partners you get in game will always be stronger than you.



  • Entry Level JRPG story: An epic story detailing the gathering of 4 elemental items (crystals in this case). This is a story that will be encountered in a lot of other JRPG’s
  • It’s short.
  • World map is point to point and there is no real exploration for you.
  • Combat is very simple.
  • Money is very worthless in this game as items in basic brown chests respawn after you leave an area.
  • Animations are very basic, enemies are viewable on screen, enemies are easily beaten without using weaknesses.
  • There are only 4 weapon types, each type only has 4 upgrades.
  • This game is utterly Forgettable
  • If it is indeed an issue, your partners will always be better than you and you will always be holding them back.

The Bottom Line: Don’t Buy (unless completing a collection or making a showcase). If you want a good Final Fantasy then play an older one such as FF7, FF5, FF6..! Want a good JRPG that isn’t Final Fantasy or even Square related then play Wild Arms, or  Earthbound, or even Legend of Dragoon.


Final Fantasy XIII


* Final Fantasy series entry; i,e game credibility.

* Beautiful game art, scenery, and graphics in general. This games graphics are vivid and stunning. CGI scenes are beautiful as well.

* Excellent soundtrack as expected from a Final Fantasy game.

* Combat system that mixes action adventure 3rd person games and old RPG style battle system. They are still time based like many RPG games but seem open/button mash-able. Referred to as Active Time Battle system this variation is called: Command Synergy Battle (system).

*Attempted something new instead of the tried and true. They continue to evolve to meet the ever changing standards of the gaming industry and even try to set some for the RPG genre of gaming.


* Convoluted, linear level up system: the Crystarium, which feels open ended but is actually linear with no real choice given to the player.

* Poor story telling pt. 1: Characters that don’t understand but also don’t know. If characters don’t know anything they can’t care about anything. And if they can’t care about anything then why should we as the players care about anything. We shouldn’t. And we didn’t.

* Linear Story & Gameplay; coined by several other reviewers as “Final Hallway 13” this game goes beyond the traditional linear story sense of acceptable by pairing it with a linear world. It is in essence a long hallway and the game plays itself where as Final Fantasy games in the past (even as recent as FF12) had overworlds that broke up the linear story and could be explored. In this game however there are only large rooms to explore and not a map.

* Poor story telling pt.2: Going against Chekhov’s Gun, in a dramatic story as such as was tried to be portrayed in FF13 it is a sin to go against Chekhov’s gun. If in the first act there something such as a loaded gun then by the last act that gun better go off or else its pointless and had no bearing on the story. The game also doesn’t follow its own logic.

* Story didn’t portray what they really wanted to or it didn’t translate well in the western world.

The Bottom Line: Don’t Play and don’t buy (unless completing a collection or making a showcase). Want a good modern Final Fantasy? Try Final Fantasy 14 (the mmo) don’t got internet? Then play an older one such as FF9!


Final Fantasy XIII- Lightning Returns




*There can be no cons, it has the buster sword. Enough said.

Okay, okay we’ll be serious with this one…

* Again like  many former Final Fantasy games this game has a series credibility and constant high level of graphics, art, sound and music that even a few other main stream games can’t compare to that many indie games strive to follow.

* The Gameplay of the game is outstanding, it’s different than Final Fantasy games of the past and even the recent past and normally change of this nature would be bad but its a good different that brings about strategy that some may say the recent games have lacked.

*  With the gameplay elements this game returns individuality that former players of the series lamented with the newer games.

* The plot to this game is simple while typically that would be bad, in this case it makes the tale more sound and therefore better than the other games in the FF-13 series of games. Its an improvement and that should be pointed out in this games defense.

* Gameplay….again…. it can’t be understated, this game is fun… forget the story (which normally is what most people play RPG’s for)… this game is fun and that’s a game’s purpose. It’s also challenging its not a simple walk in the park and again that’s good.

* Battles don’t give XP… but they give you something more important they give out EP, which by using you can effectively stall the games time system among other uses, and again it adds to strategy to the game.

* It has the buster sword… and that’s important.


* This game is a nitpicker’s heaven, there are many things in this game that can be pointed out as ‘not’ Final Fantasy, stupid, vapid, without true baring and so on; that’s bad for the game but sometimes you have to let goes those minor details to find that this game is an improvement compared to the original Final Fantasy 13 and its sequel 13-2.

* The story… for some the story of an rpg is the main reason they play them they want to know the characters, see what they are about, find the humanity in them and comparison to themselves. They want to learn about the world and everything in it… but in this game the story is it’s weakest.

* The schemata and how the attire and weapons appear instantaneous, ( again nitpickers heaven)… For what it is and how important it is to the game its kind of hard on how would this be feasible… does Lightning go through an anime like transformation say like Ronin Warriors and Sailor Moon? or what…   They could have done this better but that may have become an even bigger con.

* The Story is bare, unimaginative and down right depressive in terms of how Final Fantasy games use to be.

* No XP given for battling making battles seem unimportant, but as stated above battles have a more strategic necessity to them.

The Bottom Line: Play it, own it, while it may lack as a Final Fantasy to fans from older games this game is certainly an improvement for those fans and its fun for even fans of the current games. This game is undeniably fun and can be very challenging and require strategy.  We must hand it to them, even if you don’t like the FF13 or even the FF series the designers listened to the fans and made changes to the games as they progressed away from FF13. For as bad as the FF13 series is to some, or to how over hyped they are or even to how ‘great’ they are to others overall they not only tried to change things for the better based on fan reaction but also from a critics standpoint, they wanted to appeal to players while not losing what they were envisioning from the get go. They stood their ground and still tried to alter things to evolve and not become stagnant or predictable and they need to be applauded for that even if you don’t agree with them or their changes or their initial envision. As for Lightning Returns its a game that if you take away the title of FF attached to it, it becomes a better game and regardless it’s certainly worth playing just for the gameplay.


Gauntlet Legends


* Series Sequel to successful arcade series: Gauntlet

* Fantasy Hack n’ Slash/Beat’em up

* Various themed worlds to explore and defeat.

Up to 4 players can play at a time.

* Four different style “stock” fantasy characters to be chosen.

* Characters can get and keep special items, as well as level up.



* Arcade Port

* Hack n’ Slash/Beat’em Up ~ Repetitive gameplay leads to becoming bored further into the game

* Players will fight over items

* Password saving system;  if password is lost…

* Maze like levels, leading to confusion or frustration and in multiplayer situations… arguments.

* Downgraded graphics ~ N64

The Bottom Line: Play, own if a nostalgic game, otherwise its not a necessity; There is a newer Gauntlet game: Gauntlet: Dark Legacy.





Indie: Indies often explore gaming and story ideas that aren’t going to be approached by larger game developers.

Choose your own ending; there are three main ways to end this game. However there are a multitude of ways in explaining what happened. The game ends in such a way that any way you can put it is a correct way of ending.

Mystery couched in horror: This game is more mystery than horror so if you’re not a super horror fan but do like horror games that have a mystery element that’s explored you may want to stay/get.

Atmospheric and great use of sound to create a scary game.

This game uses pixel graphics which dull the scare factor so if you’re like B.T. This is a horror game you can handle!

The game is rather short lending to multiple play throughs with various restrictions or focuses.


Indie: due to the nature of independent the games polish is often not up to the levels of A or AAA gaming; in Home there is at least one furniture item that is used many times that has a random single pixel far away from the object in question.

Choose your own ending: Because of the way this game is designed there isn’t a single true ending which may bother some gamers. It also may have been a point that the developer couldn’t decide on an ending or worse couldn’t finish the story.

Mystery couched in horror: This game is more mystery than horror so if you’re a super horror fan but don’t like horror games that have a mystery element that’s explored you may want to stay away.

This game uses pixel graphics and as such it takes away from the scare of the game.

The Bottom Line: Buy, Play, and support this indie game. This game isn’t very long but considering you can play this game different ways and there are hundreds of take-aways in story


Mario Bros.



  • Let’s get this one out of the way: Nostalgia.
  • Mario’s “first” game.
  • Originally out in Arcade and then ported to numerous systems include the NES. Allowing for maximum reach in it’s time.
  • Also a variant appeared on a Game & Watch handheld.
  • True arcade style game.
  • Single player or 2-player co-op.
  • Numerous enemies, with varying differences.


  • Weakest controls of any Mario Game, including the few arcade port games “Mario” appeared in before this one. The arcade version is a lot better.
  • The game’s length isn’t as short as prior games but it is more so repetitive.
  • The difficulty in this game ramps up, as does the learning curve.
  • Missing game play Tutorial in the NES port, and the GBA port.

The Bottom Line: Play, this game helps appreciate games that came after as well as games of today of which without games such as this we may have never gotten to PlayStation’s and Xbox’s.


Mario Party 8 (click here for post)


* Mario Party Series entry

* Family oriented game play

* New and various Party/mini-games

* Different themed maps like ones from other entries in the series


* Annoying & pointless non-Mario related characters

* Does not include characters from previous Mario party games

* Cheating/cheap rubber-band AI reminiscent of NES/SNES games

* Pigeon holed controls

* Different Maps: each containing different rules, game play, and objectives. This issue lends itself to players picking one map over and over…

* Insulting prizes; items that are typically already unlocked in older games.

* It’s Mario Party 8

Bottom Line: Don’t Play, and certainly don’t buy.  [Get an older one or try Mario Party 9! See B.T.’s MP9 review]




* Dark Exploration

* Proof that any game should exist

* Avenue for Aggression relief (a mean’s to purge any and all anger from a player’s mind & body)

* Challenging, in more than one way.

* Thought Provoking


* Utterly Depraved

* There is no context or Story

* Demented…

* Potentially hard to play & beat

The Bottom Line: If of course you are old enough and mature (read: not impressionable) than play this game. It is an interesting game that can thought provoke. As for owning the game it’s not a necessary for collections but like everything else that is up to you dear reader to decide.


Star Ocean: The Last Hope



* Star Ocean, 4th game of the main series; 3rd game to be officially released to North America.

*Action RPG ~ Star Ocean always brings a good Sci-Fi tale to the RPG style games. Considering most RPG games that are notable are more of the Fantasy genre its nice to see more Sci-Fi ones.

* Private Action System (PA), the PA system allows players of the game to grow report and relationships with characters aboard your ship. Allowing for short events to occur and more character depth to be built. In addition  characters will grow relationships with other characters leading to  rages when one of the relationship dies in battle.

* RTB battle system; real time battling in recent years have made rpg’s more widely accepted as well has begun an integration of RPG style gameplay into every game genre. What this means is there’s less of the same old ignorant arguments of ‘why would we all be waiting in turns to attack’.


* Prequel to Star Ocean. This game is a prequel to the first game in the series which means ultimately in series continuity that the main characters win, which defuses the stories over all drama. That being said this game is well done, and added in or brought back things from the series that were left out of the 3rd series entry.

* Plot/Concept of the story is better than the actual story, The Last Hope falls short compared to its predecessors in the game series.

* Like most rpg’s this game requires massive amounts of time to be played, but unlike other rpg’s that move at a decent pace and fun can be had even in small doses, this game story unfolds slowly and doesn’t become good until later. This game also has hours of customization to be had adding to the amount of time needed to beat the game.

The Bottom Line: Play, this game has its fair share of pros and cons but this one really depends on how much time you can put in to make it worthwhile. New to the Star Ocean series? Buy and play Star Ocean:Till the End of Time instead.


Star Wars: Starfighter.




  • Let’s get this one out of the way: Star Wars Nostalgia.
  • “Modern” Spaceflight Simulator, was in speaking terms graphically enjoyable for it’s time.
  • Available on PS2, Xbox, PC as well as out in Arcades.
  • Console controls were fine, ships handled reasonably well.
  • Un-lockable Multiplayer
  • Action Space Flight Simulator…


  • PC was a Console port, and fared poorly compared to console release (not optimized for port).
  • While the story isn’t poor it is at times lack luster and missions become repetitive .
  • Nostalgia makes this game seem not as good as say it’s predecessor (Rogue Squadron), tho nostalgia.
  • Story comprised of three characters that you played throughout leaving more to be desired.


The Bottom Line: Play, (Own if into Flight Sims like Ace Combat) this game is worth a play whether it’s a hit or miss though we suggest playing Rogue Squadron instead but if N64 graphics are an issue than go on but if you are going to own it we recommend either the PS2 or the Xbox version(s) as the PC is considerably a let down with poor controls and no graphical optimization.


Super Star Wars Series
SSWboxart SSWempireboxart SSWReturnsboxart


  • Star Wars Platform Run & Gun games released 1992-1994 on the SNES
  • Based on the Star Wars movies IV-VI, follows the general plot of the movies/major scenes though of course with liberties taken.
  • Re-released for Wii Virtual Console for all games, and The first game (Super Star Wars) being released for PS4 & PSVita for virtual download.
  • Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, and Chewbacca are playable characters for the first two, the last game (SSW: Return of the Jedi) all three are playable and two new characters were added: Princess Leia and Wicket the Ewok.
  • Varies up the basic run & gun gameplay with platforming and some vehicle based levels, such as Luke in Landspeeder on Tatooine.
  • Skilled based games, lots of challenging spots through out the games.
  • 2nd game of the series (SSW: Empire Strikes Back) added in a password system to combat the large difficulty, though the challenge still remained within the levels.
  • Graphically they were considered good for its time and they still hold to this day. The game also used Mode 7 to make the vehicle levels seem 3-D like.
  • Audio wise they sound like Star Wars games with iconic sounds and music.



  • Considerably hard and the first game unforgiving. The first game had no password save so if you game over, and you did/will; you will have to start all over.
  • A good portion of the monsters in this game aren’t iconic enemies in Star Wars, though some are related to Star Wars like the desert Womp rats or Mynocks, but by far and large the enemies you face are creatures and not say forces of the Empire.
  • The Bosses also suffering from the same issue of the normal monsters some aren’t iconic enemies or are just creatures, sure maybe one or two creature bosses would be fine but not half of them as it is for the first game. They get creative with the creature bosses in Empire & Return at least considering they are actual creatures in the Star Wars Universe.
  • Enemies re-spawn and in some cases they do so infinitely or in such a way that you will take needless damage.


Bottom Line: Play & Buy, whether its the SNES cartridges or the Virtual versions these games are worth having. While they are unnecessarily hard these games have a legacy of their own often synonymous with difficulty that’s true but they also share the feelings of the Star Wars movies that many of us love. So regardless of if you play them or just shelve them get them. Future game dev’s these games are critical for you to note difficulty and maybe you will see the flaws in unnecessary difficulty…


WWE 2K14


Great roster, enough said.

* Stunning graphics making it the most realistic wrestling game to date.

* Game physics that have been steadily improved, again making it the most realistic wrestling game…ever

* Interesting, hard/challenging and varied “story mode ~ 30 years of Wrestlemania  + Universe mode.


* Imprecise reversal system, that’s “weaker” or worse than much older reversal systems used in games far gone.

* “Hidden” difficulty settings, leading to players to not search for them and be screwed over by really…really…. (I mean really) cheap rubber band AI.

* Speaking of rubberband AI… THE STREAK, taking on the Undertaker is as if your playing the game on “batshit insane” mode, which as we all know is like hardcore x hard on steroids.

The Bottom Line: If you’re into Wrestling be it new or old eras then this game is a MUST, if you want a sports game that allows you to spear and hit people with chairs then… well this game is for you. Play it, best wrestling game to play.


You Don’t Know Jack  (2011 version)



* Best as a Multiplayer ~ Family/Friend fun party game.

* Trivia game; that’s a video game so there is no pieces or board to be set up (or lose). This game is done well and can exercise your brain…

*Short, entertaining games that can lead to more than one round. Or be a short 1 round before friends or family must leave after a party.

*Over 50 game rounds already pre-programmed on the disc, with DLC packs available cheaply to add even more rounds of fun!

*Quirky and bounds of fun to have specially if you add in rules such as making it a drinking game for adults! Or making it a game to drink with.

* Available on Xbox 360/PS3/PC/and even Wii!


* Cookie Masterson’s annoying voice over. (he was a big part of the series so its nostalgic but its annoying quickly, that is his purpose though.)

* Teen and older only game.

*Trivia game; your not liable to know all the answers too, in fact even your entire group you’re playing with may not know the answer, leading to wild guesses by everyone.

*Unlike a game board and tiny pieces to lose this game has a drawback too, you can step on the game case and disk breaking them, but proper storage will negate this.

*Quirky and sometimes grating (Masterson’s quips) it certainly isn’t your normal party trivia game.

The Bottom Line: Play, this game while shines as a multiplayer party game type affair it is also a playable and entertaining single player game. This game is worth to own at around $10 dollars and one night of play will pay that back and more.




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