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Mario Week Closer- DPG in Soooo Hax: “SMB. Forever Frustration”

B.T. & Jon as DPG of course take on the extremely hard Super Mario Brothers hack Frustration Forever. This hack is notorious for the amount of save state abuse that must occur in order to complete even the first few steps of the game. Needless to say it doesn’t take long for this hack to break our stalwart drunken companions.


While looking for the infamous Super Mario Bros. hack Frustrations Forever B.T. & Jon stumbled across this watery short hack for Super Mario Bros. While this hack was short it was annoying as it combined two things B.T. loathes- Water puzzle and mindless repetition.

Bushido Blade 2

Bushido Blade



Lego Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy

Sim Earth6


Plants Versus Zombies DPG


Happy & Fantasy Golf Pangya


Super Soccer, precursor to the now upcoming (2017) series; ONS Gaming presents- Versus: A Series of Salt. This is one of but not the first head to head style game B.T. & Jon have played.



DPG; SimAnt






DPG has returned and is back!

DPG has returned and is now a part of the ONS Gaming website! June 14th, 2014.


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