Acquired Loot


Acquired Loot, is a Page here on ONS Gaming to list acquired items related to Gaming. Its a ‘room’ to list items that may or may not be written about in the [near] future. More importantly though it is a page for us to thank those who have donated used/old games or gifted in things for us to review. Because anyone that does that is our hero. And we mean that!


Some Images are now click-able they may link to a post or page related here on ONS Gaming for your enjoyment! Items that do will have bold text next to them!


Q4 2016 – Q1 2017


AC4BFpc Assassins Creed IV Black Flag (PC) ~ Looted

FF15JonesWizSoda  Final Fantasy 15 Wiz’s Elixir (Jones Soda, Promo Item) ~ Looted

WoffBoxart   World of Final Fantasy (PS4) ~Gifted

ff15de Final Fantasy 15 Deluxe Edition (PS4 Game + Kingsglaive Movie) ~ Looted

cards-against-humanity Cards Against Humanity (Card Game) ~ Looted

PokemonSun Pokemon Sun (3DS) ~ Looted

VerdunBA Verdun (PC) ~ Gifted

VermintideBA Warhammer- The End Times: Vermintide (PC) ~ Looted

Torchlight2BA Torchlight II (PC) ~ Looted

HPhousePintGlasses Harry Potter House Pint Glasses (Glasses) ~ Looted

FOGlassesFallout Glasses (Glasses) ~ Looted

SamuraiWarriors4BA Samurai Warriors 4 Empires (PS4) ~ Gifted

NomNomGalaxyBA Nom Nom Galaxy (PC) ~ Looted

JohnWickMovieBA John Wick (Movie) ~ Looted

faxanaduBA Faxanadu (NES) ~ Found

RimWorldBA Rimworld (PC) ~ Gifted

riskofrain Risk of Rain (PC) ~ Looted/Gifted Away

MadMaxBA Mad Max (PC) ~ Looted

theoregontrailboardgame The Oregon Trail Card Game (Card Game) ~ Looted

WarcraftMovieBA Warcraft the Movie (Movie) ~ Looted

BravelySecondBA Bravely Second (3DS) ~ Looted/Gifted Away

projecthighriseBA Project Highrise (PC) ~ Gifted

LoZLAmiibo Pixel Link Amiibo ~ Looted

ootlinkamiiboOot Link Amiibo ~ Looted

PikachuAmiibo Pikachu Amiibo ~ Found

ZeroSuitSamusAmiibo Zero Suit Samus Amiibo ~ Gifted




Looted- Items we have had to purchase or trade for.

Found- Items that have been found in attics/collections (gained at no cost to us).

Gifted/Gifted Away- Items gifted to us/Items we have given away to others.


Check out here every month to see the loot gained, by ONS Gaming.

If you’re in the Harford/Baltimore County area of Maryland then check out Gamerz Paradise @ the Joppatown Flea Market off of Joppa Farm Road for Vintage and new used games, consoles, and more!

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