Legacy Content Creators

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Here you will find Content Creators that are no longer working on this Website. We respectfully honor them here as they are apart of our history.


Moonsym1 Founder
Tasks: Writer, Steam Host, Trophy Guides, Gamer.
Name: John Haney
Aka: JP, John, Porkchop


I am a semi-hardcore gamer and a huge achievement/trophy hunter. Any time that isn’t spent at work or with my friends is spent playing games. Outside of video games however I am an amateur story writer, a computer whiz, and above all else a hopeless romantic. Also feel free to add me on any of the following accounts for questions about trophies, games, or even if you just want to play a game sometime.

Gamer Names:

PSN:shirako3zx                                                                                                                                                                                                            XBL: PublicCoffee11  (currently  inactive)

Steam: mech_ninebreaker


Fave Food: Too many to choose its either something Italian or oriental
Fave Drink: Monster!
Fave Game Controller: the Dual Shock 4 (ps4 controller)
Fave System: Ps4. Hands down, one of the most impressive pieces of hardware ever
Fave Game(s): Zelda series, Killzone series, and Resistance series.
Fave Handheld: PSVita (just needs more games)

What I am Playing currently:

Currently wrapping up the platinum in far cry 3. I’m not sure what my next adventure will be yet.

as of 6:00 am 3/31/2014



Ashley K.

Tasks: Digital Art Contributor for DPG

Ashley is a Hobby artist aspiring to become a professional. She is planning on going on to college to improve her art skills and then make a career for herself. Ashley does both Digital art and Traditional pencil art.

Ashley helped contribute the character icons for this blog as well as coloring the old Blog title that the characters came from that was designed by B.T.

Ashley’s site: