About the Full Time Contributors

 About the Full-Time Contributors


Here at ONS Gaming we have Full Time Contributors, and they are contributors that move up from the part time extra content contributors based on how much work they do either visible or behind the scenes. When/if they move up from the ECC page their bio profile is extended into the full format much like the founder pages and will be presented here on this page.






Retained Artist
Tasks: Artist, Writer, Gamer
Name: Noodle
Aka: DangerNoodle, Nerdle, DangerNerdle


Noodle is an incredible artist talented in both traditional pencil and digital art. Noodle also enjoys gaming just as much as anyone else.


Fave Food: Steak, Chicken Alfredo, Rice, Fried Chicken… Really too many to list here.
Fave Drink: Pepsi, Orange Crush, Cherry Fanta, Fireball, Strawberry Daiquiri’s
Fave Game Controller: Game Cube
Fave System: PC then Wii
Fave Game(s): Legend of Zelda, LOZ Majora’s Mask, LOZ Twilight Princess, Hyrule Warriors, Bayonetta, Spyro
Fave Handheld: Nintendo 3DS

What I am currently playing: Most recently I have been playing Minecraft and Don’t Starve/Don’t Starve Together Beta but also have been playing Bayonetta, and Hyrule Warriors.
Other Sites:


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