About Jon

DPGsym Moonsym1 Founder
Tasks: Writer, Blog Editor, Gamer.
Name: John Speck
Aka: Jon, Jonguin


Unlike B.T., I have no professional writing experience. The site in it’s very primitive form came up over dinner one night (probably over alcoholic beverages I’m sure). The key dynamic was that B.T., being a writer but more serious, and me, being more funny and comedic (or so I’m told), would give the site a best of both worlds element that would propel us to super stardom. That hasn’t happened yet, but I hope it will. While I do not have the prose of B.T., I do try to keep my writing crisp and neat. I also have an above average vocabulary, which I think helps. Regardless, I do like writing about things I enjoy, and video games is one of those things. If B.T. is the driving force behind ONSGaming, then I’m definitely the soul. Bart is the brains, and the helping content creators are the heart. After a long debate with B.T., I was the one who coined the famous line “If the site stops being fun, then it’s just another [9-5] job”, which has affected decisions since. If it’s not fun for us, it’s certainly not fun for our fans. In any case, we hope you enjoy our work as much as we enjoy doing it.

Outside of the site, I have many interests. Music is certainly a big one. I originally wanted to attend college to learn how to produce music, but in the end with the way the computer industry was going, I found it more practical to major in Computer Science. Music is a big part of my life, and I can safely say I can appreciate most genres of music. When I’m not playing games or working on the site, I am normally listening to an album. I am always looking for new artists and new albums to listen to, and challenge my tastes. I also like to watch movies and television shows. Normally I wait for them to hit DVD/Blu-Ray, but several times a year B.T. and I will go to the theater and see films we are interested in. I grew up on board games, as my father got into war games at a young age and it has since spread throughout my family as an activity where we can all get together. I slowly have gotten B.T. and Bart into Ticket to Ride, and look to get them into Settlers of Catan next.

My gaming experience all stems from a young age when I was given a Sega Genesis. A few Christmases later I received a Game Boy Pocket. And from there it just took off. I have most of the important systems throughout gaming’s history, and I can safely say out of the four members of ONSGaming, I have the biggest collection. That also means I have a giant backlog, but I’m working on that as I type that. Most of my favorite games are RPGs, which to me are like interactive books. But I also enjoy most genres, and will give any game a try (most of the time). Ironically enough, I didn’t grow up with a Super Nintendo. All of my friends had one, but I didn’t receive one until I was thirteen. However, it was always my favorite system. The N64 will always have a special place in my heart, because that was one of the systems that a very young B.T., myself, and another one of our friends played the most out of. Sometimes even Bart played with us, and it regales notions of innocence when I recall those memories. I hope that as gaming continues to evolve over the years, that we all remember fondly what games shaped us into the gamers we are today.


Fave Food: Pizza, Chicken Wings, A proper cheesesteak hoagie (provolone and onions only), Bacon + Eggs, Steak, Shrimp, Whatever B.T. is cooking on any given night.
Fave Drink: Tea, Coffee, Red Bull, Lagavulin 16 (a), Craft Beer (especially those brewed by Troegs and the Lancaster Brewing Company) (a), Tom Collins (a).
Fave Game Controller: Dualshock for most genres, Arcade Stick for fighters, FragFX Piranha for console FPSs, keyboard + mouse is fine for most PC games.
Fave System: Super Nintendo
Fave Game(s): Sonic 3 + Knuckles, World of Illusion  Super Mario Bros 3, The Clash at Demonhead, Gunstar Heroes, Lufia 2, Donkey Kong Country, Turtles in Time, Earthbound, Chrono Trigger, Super Mario World, Secret of Mana, Majora’s Mask, Link’s Awakening, Final Fantasy IX, Final Fantasy Tactics, Xenogears, Star Ocean 2, Pokemon Silver, Dead or Alive 2, Power Stone, Marvel vs Capcom 2, The Ace Attorney series, Monster Hunter.
Fave Handheld: Nintendo DS Lite
Most Underrated System: Sega Dreamcast
Fave Video Game Character: Zidane, Final Fantasy IX
Fave Villain: Delita Hyral, Final Fantasy Tactics
Fave Album: Kanye West – The College Dropout
Fave Movie: Rushmore
Fave TV Show: Six Feet Under

What I am Playing currently: Garry’s Mod
Other Sites:


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