About Tirc

Moonsym1 Founder
Tasks: Writer, Podcast Host, Video Editor, Husband, Gamer.
Name: Bart Smith
Aka: Tirc, ONSTirc, Chrmcityzfinest


I have been a Gamer for 23 years and will continue to game until doctors tell me I can’t. Starting with the Atari and through 15 other various systems. In recent years PC Gaming has taken up the majority of my gaming time. Currently I am playing WoW and Hex: Shards of Fate which is an online MMO-TCG that is currenlty in Alpha. Although I don’t have a formal writing background I try to provide great insight as well as some strong opinions and want to increase my presence through video content. I have a wife and two kids (1 and 6, soon to be 2 and 7). My wife and son enjoy playing video games and my daughter likes taking Skylander and Disney Infinity characters off of the portals…

I have been excited about this site and have enjoyed being a part of it since my brother started talking about the idea. We create content for you, our viewers/listeners/followers, the ONS Gaming community. We want and encourage your participation as it helps us create content and tailor things to what you want to see. While you may not always like or agree with our opinions and views that can spark great discussions that can no doubt be a strong foundation of our interactions with all of you.

My interests outside of gaming include spending time with my family, watching baseball (Orioles), football (Ravens/Maryland), hockey (Capitals), and College Basketball (Maryland). I enjoy listening to various genres of music, watching movies and reading comic books.


Fave Food: Anything my wife cooks, Japanese Steak House and my grilled chicken wings.
Fave Drink: Mountain Dew, Gatorade and various craft beers.
Fave Game Controller: Keyboard and Mouse
Fave System: PC
Fave Game(s): WoW, The Sims, most simulation/tycoon games.
Fave Handheld: Nintendo DS

What I am currently playing: WoW & Hex: Shards of Fate

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