About B.T.

DPGsym Moonsym1 Founder
Tasks: Writer, Artist, Format Editor, Video Editor, Gamer.
Name: Brice Smith
Aka: B.T., B.T. Smith, Bruce, Panda Bruce

Twitter:  @ONSGBTSmith
FB: –


I’m a writer, I really enjoy writing to the point if I don’t do it in a weekly basis I can get sick, ridiculous but its something that affects a lot of people who are creative regardless of their field of creation. I have written over 250,000 words in fiction, and I write in a variety of genres: Fantasy, Sci-fi, and even a bit in Horror in a variety of forms: such as novel, short story and everything in between. I have blogged on a variety of sites on several topics before. Outside of fiction I have also written over 270 poems again in a variety of genres in mostly free form. On occasion I have even sat down and wrote about philosophy and even religion and have done so in 50 quotes and 5 short length pieces.

I have also worked on a variety of Hobby games; the biggest which was a mmorpg that was worked on for 4 years prior to the project ending before completion due to staff issues. Despite its closure before completion many things were learned about making games and was a glimpse into the gaming industry and the game creation process.

As far as art goes I’m not that good in my own opinion and the images in my head and how vivid they are always seem to not translate to what I do draw. That being said I’m actually not that bad with pixel art and have made several objects for 16 bit hobby games in the past. I currently switch between pencil and digital, and pixel through paint. I currently have Paint Tool SAI, and Hexels and of course pen/pencil and pads as well as MSPaint.

As far as gaming goes I have been gaming since I was a young kid and started with a NES system and SNES system. I typically dont consider myself a huge PC Gamer but I have actually played a lot of computer games and that started back when computers only had two colors black and green or black and white and has gone on since those days. I’ve played games off true Floppy disks back when they could hold  a max of a megabyte yeah that’s some hardcore computing. I’ve played games off the 3 1/2 inch “floppies” that many people can recall as well.

When it comes to gaming I have played a variety of Genres and I feel it makes me a well rounded gamer and helps me be able to talk about a variety of things here on the site. I also have gamed on a variety of consoles/systems, a variety of eras of gaming as well. I have played text based games, table top games in addition to Video games even played some Text based RPG’s online, that always gives an interesting perspective on graphics.


Fave Food: Pizza, Wings, Fried Rice, various pastas.
Fave Drink: Orange Juice, Orange Soda, Half & Half Tea, (a) Italian Surfer, (a) Whiskey.
Fave Game Controller: SNES
Fave System: Ps2/N64
Fave Game(s): Link to the Past/ Timespliters 2/ Ocarina of Time/ Final Fantasy 7/8, Civilization 3, Warcraft 2, Wages of War, too many others to list…
Fave Handheld: Gameboy Advance/Color
Fave RPG character: Vincent (from FF7)
Fave Gun from a game: Ballista (from BlackOps 2); generally any sniper from any FPS game I’ve played.
Fave Genre: This ones hard but I’m into RPG’s and Strategy Games by a lot so so either one.

What I am Playing currently:

I’m currently playing a bunch of old games for projects some of that will end up here and on the YouTube channel in various forms; I’m also playing; Don’t Starve Together Beta, Terraria, Minecraft, and working on an RPG (yes through rpgMaker), On top of that I have been playing various games for events and specials.

Other Sites:



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