About ONS Gaming & the Staff


About ONS Gaming:

ONS Gaming originally got it’s start as Drunken Procrastinating Gamers back in January of 2013 on a blogger site. It was the brain child of B.T. and Jon that started to form back at the end of 2012 and continued to form into the then new year. After forming and going on for a few months Tirc and JP both joined the staffing. DPG the Blog was founded on having fun, and sharing the fun as well as enjoying alcoholic drinks responsibly. It was a laid back version of what ONS Gaming would become.

After a series of positive numbers and responses in the month of July, Bart and JP pushed for a more business friendly environment and a more serious platform for our content. That would form the basis of ONS Gaming and by the end of the first week of August, 2013 ONS Gaming was born. By the second week’s end the tale of ONS Gaming began in earnest. By the middle of August 2013 and the debut of our first yearly event: Zelda Week we had a milestone of over 50 viewers on a single day. By the end of December 2013 we had gotten over 1,000 views within the first six months of existing as ONS Gaming hitting another milestone.

Our Mission:

Here on ONS Gaming our main goal is to either inform you or to entertain you in a variety of ways in a manner that is professional and consistent. Unlike the major sites that talk about video games and the industry as a whole we aren’t paid by publishers and developers for our views and opinions they are just how we as individual gamers feel. We will remain like this for you the viewers so you can better connect with us and know our sincerity when we talk about things.

By having a variety of different writers that think, feel, and believe in different things we can portray different views on games and other Gaming industry topics to better inform and entertain you.



ONS Gaming is the home of a few albeit eccentric but still very loveable and interesting gamers (not to mention some awesome content contributors) links down below to find out more about them all: Clicking on the images will send you to the page in question!










Full Time Contributors:


Sammie D.


Legacy Content Creators (Content Creators that are no longer with us)  [Work in Progress]


We all here at ONS Gaming want to thank you for visiting our site we hope you will return often!
Don’t hesitate to leave comments, suggestions or requests or even questions … down below or at our social medias!
Also don’t forget to follow us and help us via likes and shares on any of our mediums to show support you all make it possible!

ONS Gaming Youtube Channel
Twitter: @TheONSGaming
Facebook: Facebook.com/theonsgaming

B.T.’s Twitter: @ONSGBTSmith

Don’t forget you can always message us here anonymously or email us @ TheONSGaming@Gmail.com or at our individual ONSGaming emails!

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