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Mario Party Series


Mario Party is the one game of the late 90’s that has ruined more friendships and palms than any other game of its period and created the Mario Party Series. The first game was released in Japan December 1998 and February 1999 for North America for the Nintendo 64. The game itself is based on well party games (Board games) where the players must go around the board getting coins and stars to beat the other players and all subsequent games of the series follows this. The game plays out on one board per game that is chosen by the player(s) while you can play this game single player why would you? The game is certainly better when you are with friends. Each board of course is themed and while in the earlier games this doesn’t affect decision of the board too much where as later the boards actually play out differently such as Mario Party 8.

While on the board players move around it using dice rolls each round and everyone gets a turn before a mini game occurs followed by a new round. Even at the lowest round setting games will still last over an hour long (the game extending further depending on players and how long they take to decide actions. In addition to coins and stars players can get or buy items to affect their gameplay choices such as mushroom dice that extend the number of dice you roll (and therefore your moves) or something like a key that will unlock a path.

The first game had various mini games some of which would be seen in the second and third games and even further down the road of the series but the first game had a problem with having several games that require the players to rotate their joystick on their n64 controller. That alone doesn’t sound bad sure but when you couple in the fact Americans make everything a competition…despite this being a competition… and try and kick it up a notch when doing so many players instead of using their fingers to rotate the joystick would instead use their palms. Doing it this way they would rotate the joystick beyond what the developers assumed they would causing damage not only to the controllers over time but also their own hands.

granted the gloves they actually handed out apparently were simple white gloves kind of like Mario’s gloves.

Because some players were idiots and had no self control they would get blisters and this caused a controversy for Nintendo so in an act of contrition Nintendo offered a free Nintendo glove to “”victims”” of these blisters (If you can’t tell I don’t blame Nintendo for this nontroversy). If I recall though they had to pay for shipping. These kinds of games would be lessened in Mario Party 2 and would not show up again until Mario Party 5 and later games. In the later games past Mario Party 5 the analog joysticks were improved and wouldn’t cause damage to players hands and were less likely to break as well.

The other often long talked about point of the series is that it ruins friendships while this has never been true for me and I have played many of the Mario Party games numerous times I can say this is partly true of any multiplayer competitive game be it from video games, board games, or card games. Anything where people can get heated to be honest this can happen. So when at all possible try to remember this is a game and don’t let it bring the worse of you out.

So what makes this different than say any other virtual board game? Well the fact it’s in the Mario Universe. You have several characters to choose from and in the early games the main villain is Bowser and Donkey Kong is a playable character that does however change later in the series. The most recent Mario Party has been Mario Party: Star Rush for the 3DS which I have not had a chance to play which was released in 2016. There are a total of 18 different Mario Party Games that includes 10 main games (Mario Party – Mario Party 10), 5 Handheld games such as MP: Star Rush there are also several arcade games and even a newer game in the works,

Mario Party Series it self had little changed through out the first 7 main installments it hasn’t been until more recently that they started making major changes to the series and how the game plays:

Mario Party 8

Mario Party 9

There are more Mario Party games I need to cover and intend to. This post is just a brief talk about the series. But I do intend to list all the reviews here when I finally finish them.





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