Mario Week 3 Opener – Notice



Hello everyone and Welcome to Mario Week 3! This event has been a off on kind of thing having started in 2014, been on for 2015 and having not been done 2016. As far as I know B.T. will be posting a few posts at the end of this event (in the range of 16-20th) mostly due to his current work schedule at his day job.

You can obviously expect posts on the games though of which games I can not say. It seems as if he is still running behind on all the things he wants to do moving forward the rest of this year.

Now for something a little different-

A thought had occurred the other day on the size of the Mario Coins. Do you as a gamer believe them to be the size we see on our screens or do you believe they are actually smaller? Or in other words are the coin icons in game only a representation. B.T. thinks that it could have been just a representation for a smaller item but that perhaps when in development a smaller coin of the size a normal coin would have been wouldn’t have been as visually stimulating as the coins we know.

What are your thoughts on the coins? Let us know by leaving a comment!


We here at the ONS Gaming don’t just write posts we also do other writing work on gaming or in B.T.’s case make videos, whether its alone, or a collab with Tirc or a Let’s Play with Jon.

The other example; (other written work) can be seen in the form of The Bottom Line stuff that can be found in the page with the same name:

The BottomLine

Mario Party 8 (click here for post)


* Mario Party Series entry

* Family oriented game play

* New and various Party/mini-games

* Different themed maps like ones from other entries in the series


* Annoying & pointless non-Mario related characters

* Does not include characters from previous Mario party games

* Cheating/cheap rubber-band AI reminiscent of NES/SNES games

* Pigeon holed controls

* Different Maps: each containing different rules, game play, and objectives. This issue lends itself to players picking one map over and over…

* Insulting prizes; items that are typically already unlocked in older games.

* It’s Mario Party 8

Bottom Line: Don’t Play, and certainly don’t buy. [Get an older one or try Mario Party 9! See B.T.’s MP9 review]

The Bottom Line series of quick reviews are semi-comical but the bottom line is always serious its advice that you can take or not but we do try and list a few pros and cons that are completely legit for you the consumers! Since these are oft really short we decided to make it a page rather than in post form so check it out!!!

These are some of the things you can look forward to as well as stuff you can check out even during non-events!


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