Zelda Week #5- Even More Books within the LOZ Series




Even more Books within the LOZ Series

I couldn’t for the life of me make a name that wasn’t super long so forgive me. Hey everyone it’s me B.T.! Welcome back to Zelda Week and as I stated last year I might continue the Books post and I have decided to do so. Since it will also touch on more than one game so that’s always a good.

The first book we will look at today is that of the Book of Magic. This first book comes from the first game of the series the Legend of Zelda for the NES and the book itself is a simple brown book with a darker brown cross on the cover. It has also been known as the Magic Book and is one of two treasures of Level 8 (The Lion Dungeon)[In the Second Quest it is found in Level 4]. If by the time the player/Link finds this book already has the magical rod it alters the spell the wand casts. Now after the book when the spell is cast when it hits a wall the spell turns to flames and therefore in a dark room the fire will act like the blue or red candle.

Most noticeable is of course the fact the book resembles the holy book of Christianity but that is due to the fact in the Japanese version of this game is called the Bible. Due to Nintendo of America’s pretty strict guidelines at the time it was altered when brought to America. Also there’s a version in the non-cannon game Hyrule Warriors of which is Lana’s 8-bit weapon: 8-Bit Book of Magic.


The second book we are talking about today is that of the Touching Book which happens to be a quest item from the game Oracle of Ages. While in the game Link comes across a young boy name Dekadin who is very depressed and lives in an unlit room. As a part of the quest line to get the Noble Sword Link must get the item Funny Joke by the comedian which is represented by a bow tie and in doing so must tell Dekadin the Funny Joke. Though while not amused by the joke Dekadin is touched that someone cares enough about him to spend the time with him and gifts him one of these books of his.

This sad book has a teardrop on its cover and is tinted blue.

The Touching Book itself is actually rather depressing book as seen later in the quest line when Link gives the book to an apprentice named Maple, who upon reading it bursts into tears and leaves the item Magic Oar behind.


The next book I want to touch upon is that of the Ancient Sky Book from the game Twilight Princess. This ancient book is in the possession of Impaz of the Hidden Village. Of which has been in his families hands by royal decree for them to watch over and guard until the day they give the book to a messenger from the heavens. The book itself translates Sky Writing, the language of the Oocca and also contains spells by them as well.

Upon receiving this book it’s noted that it’s missing several pages all of which are hidden under Owl Statues scattered through out Hyrule and upon retrieving all of them teaches Shad the spell that results in removing the center of an Owl Statue that reveals a Sky Cannon that eventually will lead the player to the City in the Sky which itself is a collection of buildings floating high in the sky above Hyrule that is inhabited by Oocca and also has become one of the games dungeons.


The fourth book we are talking about today is actually not one but three books that all sound interesting but alas are quest items and so we don’t get to read and aren’t really given info on. These books come from a quest line from the Minish Cap games. The Library Books of which must be returned to allow Link to reach and meet a Picori (Minish) to continue the game.

The A Hyrulean Bestiary which is the first book that Link finds after the librarian tells Link that a girl who had bought a cat and wanted to learn more about the animal. Of which is located in a house that has a blue roof but in order to get there must enter the house next to it that has a purple roof, turn into a Minish and then climb the chimney and then reach the blue roof house.

The Legend of the Picori is the second book that Link must find first power bracelets by turning himself into a Minish and entering the towns fountain. After obtaining the bracelets Link must enter Dr. Left’s house in normal form to push a bunch of shelves together to allow Link to reach the top of the house in doing so Link can find the book and must help a Minish to push the book back down below so Link can gather it.

The A History of Masks is the last book to be found and this one is easier as it can be found in Mayor Hagen’s Lakeside Cabin. The book resides on top of a shelf and must knock it down by using the Pegasus Book not to dissimilar from the Book of Mudra from Link to the Past.

The fact that these books give out no flavor text is pretty disappoint to me as if all three were real books I would probably buy them. But since we mentioned the Book of Mudra let’s return to that book shall we?

It’s in the fan theory realm that the Book of Mudra has existed in other Zelda games. In the Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D a green book resembling the book of Mudra can be found inside Impa’s house that resides in Kakariko Village (the same village the book is found in the game Link to the Past). Another similar green book can be found in the Lakeside Laboratory as well. But the only difference of these two books compared to the Book of Mudra is that a Sheikah Symbol is seen on both of them instead of a Triforce Symbol. That of course is possible because these books could simply be a Sheikah version of the Book of Mudra, or that these are even more ancient and the Book of Mudra is based on ancient Sheikah texts.

Also the Book of Mudra is similar to the book that Gaepora from the game Skyward Sword is seen holding.

That is all for this events books found in the Zelda series we maybe able to do one more next year but considering they keep making games who knows.




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