Zelda Week #5- Temple of Time, Light Temple and the Light Medallion





Ocarina of Time: Temple of Time, Light Temple and the Light Medallion

Hello everyone and welcome to the Zelda Week event! In this post we will be talking about well the Temple of Time and the Light Medallion as well as the possible lost content of the Temple of Light. Before we talk about the lost content and cut content let’s talk briefly on the Temple of Time.

In Ocarina of Time (OoT) the Temple of Time (ToT) happens to be located within the Hyrule Castle Town which happens to be the cultural and commercial center of Hyrule. Built by the original seven ancient sages. Within the Temple of time it holds an alter of which after completing the three kid dungeons and gaining the three stones the player can open the Door of Time. Past the Door of Time is a seal: the Pedestal of Time that protects the entrance to the Sacred Realm. In the pedestal happens to be the Master Sword. Of which upon the player grabbing and picking up time skips by seven years and upon placing the sword back takes the player back seven years.

The very first time the player picks up the sword he is greeted by Rauru, one of the original builders of the Temple of Light within the Temple of Light inside the Chamber of the Sages. It is here you learn that after pulling the sword and being transported to the chamber that Gannondorf had followed you and entered the Sacred Realm but his visit was to take the Triforce however upon touching the Triforce had shattered into three pieces and Gannon was only able to keep the Triforce Piece of Power. Using that he returns to the present day and takes over Hyrule. During that time you were again held in the Chamber of Sages in an unconscious state only to awaken after seven long years.


After being given that information Rauru tasks you with awakening the other five sages and by doing so gathering six total medallions that increase your powers and then being able to take down Gannondorf and undoing all the damage. Before sending you out to do this task he gives you his Light medallion adding his power to yours and of course giving you a head start on the medallions.

Interestingly enough that in the Hyrule Hystoria it’s stated that Rauru had been watching over Link through the eyes of Kaebora Gaebora, a great owl that assists you through out the game, mostly as a kid tho. That said should you defeat Gannondorf and save the world the only Sage that isn’t visible in celebration is Rauru it has been presumed by many that he can not leave the Temple of Light as it allows him to exist and that’s why he needs Kaebora Gaebora in our Realm. Of course tho Rauru may actually be Kaebora Gaebora and its a transformation like thing but we don’t truly know.

Kaebora Gaebora

Now that we have our first medallion let’s finish up talking about the ToT. While OoT is the first time we as players have seen it the temple exists in Twilight Princess in a ruined state. It also exists in Skyward Sword in the Lanaryu desert. And the most recent showcase of the temple is that of Breath of the Wild game where it is located on the Great Plateau. Each version is different of course due to art styles of the game though they all seem similar in some respects.

As for the Temple of Light having been a dungeon and having to fight for the medallion like the other five medallions it seems that this maybe more than just a fan conspiracy. Originally the devs wanted to have the medallions be like the medallions from Link to the Past (LttP) in which they were ways to use magic and we’re needed to access dungeons in that game. This can be referenced in the final version of OoT when you teleport to every temple it showcases the medallions symbol.

the spot you teleport to after playing the song Serenade of Water

That is further fueled when you showcase that the way to enter the Shadow Temple is a pedestal that does not have the Shadow symbol but rather the Fire medallion symbol and the player must use Din’s spell to activate all the torches to unlock the way forward. This is rather reminiscent of the Bombos medallion from LttP in which the player should use this to destroy the ice encasing the boss of the Ice Palace, Kholdstare. Although the two other medallions Ether and Quake are used more than the Bombos medallion to affect the world both being required to open one dungeon each.

To add more credence to the Temple of Light being a dungeon and scrapped happens to be the fact the Forest Temple was originally going to be the Wind Temple and that the Water Temple was actually going to be the Ice Temple of which the fans for the Wind Temple would be reused as well as parts of the Ice Temple being reused to create the Ice Cavern which the player must go through to get the Iron Boots. Further proof of these Temples being changed is the fact you can find via triggered game code that both the Ice Medallion and the Wind Medallion originally existed and also the fact that at the last dungeon of the game (Gannon’s Tower) the Forest and the Water based portions of the tower have wind puzzles in the shape of fans and the water portion is more based on the Ice Cavern than the actual Water Temple. As for the Light Temple mechanics they seem to have been folded into the Spirit Temple to extend it’s length of which that temple has light based mechanics.

Clearly a spiral of wind

symbol represents a snowflake more so than water

Interestingly tho the symbol on the forest medallion while definitely looks like wind it also shares a curious connection to the Bombos medallion. In early looks at OoT the forest medallion was seen with Link being equipped though it was never shown what they would have done it’s presumed it would have taken the place of Sheik’s songs though I disagree as they probably would have been used to create magic.

When used in LttP the entire screen would be engulfed in flames and explosions

The best true evidence that the temple could have existed is linked to the concept of the medallions as magical items like that in LttP thanks to an interview with Eiji Aonuma where he admits that OoT had more Temples and magic abilities and of course that they were cut:

Eiji Aonuma: Yes, you may be absolutely right, although I can not remember exactly all the details. There really is a difference between the temples, which we wanted to integrate and those that exist in the final game. And that had something to do with magic. We thought of integrating some actions, some plot threads, and some puzzles that have something to do with magic abilities.

We have come to the conclusion that other, already existing, just regular items to be a worthy replacement. So we had originally three temples, which would capture the young Link, three temples for the adult Link and three in which he was to learn each spell – but instead we have eliminated a temple of it. In the final game is now so 3 plus 3 plus 2, or 8 temples to find.

-Posted December 16, 2009 on GoNintendo

That’s all for this post check back later this week for more! But what are your thoughts on the Light Temple? Do you think it was a Temple that was planned? Let us know in the comments down below!!!


Even more curious is the fan theory that the light and shadow medallions are based on this teleport location from LttP if true this could have been done as a nod to the games influence upon Ocarina of Time that wasn’t removed.

I can certainly see the connection to the light medallion here. But we won’t ever know unless someone asks


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