Summer Xmas Announcement

Summer Xmas Announcement


Okay everyone FINALLY it is here. It has taken me a bit longer than expected so forgive me for that- B.T.


Welcome to this maybe one off Summertime Xmas event which should have started in July and went into August as you all can see its behind. B.T. has paused the other videos to try and get this event back on track and done before the next big event (Zelda Week which starts August 22nd.) This Event starts today and will go on until at least the 16th if not a few days longer!

So what games will be a part of this event? Well for several of them B.T. has let’s played them solo or with Jon or Tirc so you can expect several one off let’s plays and at least one short series. But what are they? Duck Game, Project Highrise, Pit People, Spelunky, and several more games.

In addition to Let’s Plays there will be other things including posts that are mostly text based they may or may not include a short video clip on the game much like or similar as B.T.’s BLS series (Yes he needs to complete it!)

And finally the clearly most important note and reason for this entire post… for this event and due to the long duration between content and now… every non-DPG Video (until it’s complete) will showcase a green present and in each present will hold a snippet of a code. This code when complete (it is broken up into 5 pieces, so expect five videos with a piece of the code) will net the first person to put it together a free Humble Bundle code for the game Gunpoint!

There is only one code so once it’s gone it is gone. You will have to enter the code into your bar after the humblebundle web bar url:

The code does not currently expire as per Humblebundle’s word so in an effort to make sure this code goes to someone before that changes in each post associated with this code hunt will have a bracketed number example: [ 10] this will tell viewers where the code is placed ( in the example if this post had a video, a snippet would be somewhere in that video and the code would be the 10th part of said code). Now since this is the first time this has been done on this website in this manner expect the videos to come out in order where as in the future the codes maybe be scrambled.


We hope you join us for this event and at least some of you take place in this “code hunt”!


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