Mario Week: Opener – Why Isn’t Mario Week Event Dated?



Mario Week Opener


Hello everyone, welcome back to The ONS Gaming! This is of course the opener for this years Mario Week! As most often this is just a notice a reminder to followers and new comers a like that during the next seven days you can expect some content related to and about Mario and games related to Mario.  And this week B.T. is guaranteeing not one but two BLS (Black Label Series) posts for this event.

The first post will be on the BLS Mario Bros and the second will be the Super Mario Bros cart as both games appear within the Black Label series of carts for the North American release. Now this is kind of an attempt in a way to make up for that BLS mega post still being worked on after several weeks of it not being finished. Though that post it self will be finished sometime this week it won’t appear until after this event. Expect both text and short vids exclusive to this site on these games for each post.

There are of course previous posts by many of the key characters of this website or about us and what we all feel about our favorite characters and or Mario Kart Tracks of course clicking the Mario Week Tag should show all Mario Week related content past, present and eventually future. As always thanks for staying tuned, sticking with us and supporting us!!!


Q. Why Isn’t Mario Week Event here on the site dated like other events? (no # or Year)

A. Honest answer: Because Mario is Timeless… To be perfectly honest that really is the answer and is why B.T. doesn’t tag Mario Week content with a year or a #. Mario has existed from early years of gaming when Nintendo saved the video gaming market for North America and perhaps the world. A topic of debate for another time however Mario has appeared on so many of Nintendo’s works and is one of the key Iconic characters/Mascots for the company and for good reason. Now B.T. will mention it again but Mario has been on arcade games and several generations of home consoles including even one not owned by Nintendo but still officially licensed by Nintendo. Simply put: Mario. Is. Timeless.




Also heads up all the regular content that is planned for this week will be going up normal as well so as B.T. builds back into a regular groove of a schedule you can expect to see them! This includes the mini let’s play: Death Road To Canada which is a Indie Game released this year (that’s right current year game) that takes zombies and mixes in some very Oregon Trail like RNG mechanics!


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