Zelda Week #4: “Should Link Be A Girl”




Response: Should Link Be A Girl?


Hello! Welcome back to Zelda Week #4! This is my video for this event and its a new kind of video for me. It happens to be my first true response/rant video. Of course there’s cussing and there’s even talk about sexual/reproduction of humans because of course there is…  If that doesn’t make you want to watch I don’t know what would.



I’m sorry I tried to make this entertaining and without as much politics as I could I don’t know if I did. But for me the only real point I want driven home is: creators freedom of expression, gamers freedom of expression, and just how uncool it is to make horrible, horrible song references… but seriously just people need to accept creators wishes and if they don’t they need to try and make it themselves…  Creators should have the right to make what they want and if people don’t like that then they don’t have to support them it is that simple. And if no one is making what a person wants or what people want that only leaves an opening for that niche to be filled and a market to be made.

I cut a lot out of what I wanted to say because I turned a short video into something 4x its original size. But it’s important too to remember what gaming is and that’s an industry built on and around entertainment. Politics have their place in gaming but it’s a lot smaller than what a large portion of professional game journalists want. Most Gamers don’t want that to change.

Honestly for my entire existence the most inviting, the most welcoming and accepting of places has been the gaming community at large despite what a lot of the media has been trying to paint it as. Gaming is one of those things that most if not everyone should be able to enjoy. Sure it has it’s problems but it’s still largely filled with ways to express, learn, grow, meet others, make ideas and so on. For all of its problems, all of its woes and even with Link not being a girl its still a beautiful thing.


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