Zelda Week #4- Books of Legend of Zelda





Books of Legend of Zelda

Let me clarify that I mean books within the video game(s) or the universe and not say books like the non-cannon Comics, or the cannon info book Hyrule Historia despite them being pretty cool. Several RPG’s though not all have books in them sometimes these are magical books that increase magic or enable new spells or they are reference books that increase the characters attributes or increases the players ooc (Out Of Character) knowledge of the world.


Now we’re going to talk about four books two cannon and two that are not. Let’s start with the two cannon books first… the Book of Seals and the Book of Mudora. The Book of Seals is just that a book of seals and it exists and is used in only one Legend of Zelda game. The purpose however is to surprise, surprise handle a seal of invisible blocks that block your path in the game Oracles of Ages. You need the book to be able to get Fairy Powder behind the invisible seals in order to move forward in the game.

Book_of_Seals The Book of Seals

You get the Book of Seals by visiting the Eyeglass Island Library in the present time at which an old man in the back of it gives you the book which allows you to take the book to the past time to get past the invisible seals and then the powder. And it is designed similarly to the second book we will talk about but it had a bluer tint to it.


The second book on the cannon side much like the first is a book that exists only in one Legend of Zelda game. This book being the Book of Mudora. If you ever have played A Link to the Past then this book should be familiar.


The Book of Mudora is a book required to understand ancient Hylian text which enables the character Link to be able to gain access to the Desert Palace as well as obtain two magic medallions which are needed to further the game. It also allows Link to read the text in front of the Master Sword’s pedestal (Which is of course in ancient Hylian).

The fun thing about the Book of Mudora and what makes it memorable for me anyways is in how you get it. You must visit the library south of Kakariko village, why it isn’t in the village don’t ask me I don’t know… And assuming you have the Pegasus boots you must run into the book shelf that has the book upon it’s top and bam you can gather the book and leave the library…


Now that we have talked about the two cannon books let’s talk about the two non-cannon books one of which is really just a prop by me and one of which comes from a god awful video game…

Let’s talk about the god awful video game book first: The Book of Koridai. The Book of Koridai is a Koridian relic used to defeat Gannon in the Link: Faces of Evil horrible, horrible CD-I Zelda game. Unlike the two cannon books this book actually appears in two games though the second appearance is when Zelda uses the Wand of Gamelon to defeat Gannon which makes this book appear and casts Gannon back into the void from whence he comes… in the horrible, horrible CD-I game Zelda: The Wand of Gamelon.


The Book is said to contain secrets and the power to defeat and imprison Gannon and can be found in the Shrine of Koridai of the Glutko area of the Link: Faces of Evil game. And the book happens to be mentioned the first time in game by Aypo the reader in Nortinka, who will read the secret verse that will tell you this item is the only way to defeat Gannon in this horrible game. (As if the games weren’t bad enough the fantasy names for everything in them are equally horrible…)

Can any of you notice... the vast difference between the ingame animationa rt of the book and the games sprite art of the book.... *smh*

Can any of you notice… the vast difference between the in game animation art of the book and the games sprite art of the book…. *smh*

The actual design of the book isn’t terrible it does just make me think of a book or diary of a magical user from some other fantasy world if we’re talking about the sprite art at least…

Moving on to the last book which isn’t cannon as well and is honestly me just tooting my own horn… The Book of Majora. The Book of Majora isn’t really a book so much as its a prop. Unfortunately though I still haven’t used it on screen yet. It was suppose to deliver each Zelda Weeks game…a flash of light open the book bam… game but alas not yet.


What I do like however was using Hylian to actually paint the script on the Book as well as the design I came up with to represent the Majora’s Mask. Since I don’t know if or when it will ever appear on screen I thought I’d showcase it now.

While these aren’t the only ones in the universe (or at least three of these aren’t the only ones) I will probably do this again next year and will include talking about the Hyrule Historia in that one… for now anyways I just want to thank everyone for their support and their views I hope you all continue to check the website out and the YouTube Channel as well as I beginning to start working on a reliable schedule that always sees videos on those days!


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