Memorial Racing Weekend 2016





Hello! Welcome to this years Memorial Race Weekend event. I decided I wanted to just talk in a broad sense about this event and the games that usually fall herein for the opener. This event started back in 2014 as some of you know it was created because one of the co-founders of this iteration [of the website] really enjoyed vehicle based video games. Honestly that’s what this event is about vehicle based games as well as mentions about vehicles in games.

Look I understand that ‘ vehicle based games’ is very broad but most vehicle games aren’t really able to carry an event year after year. I say this not because there aren’t Iconic games or even media about cars… I mean there’s Gran Turismo, Need for Speed in the games category among others, there’s Hotwheels which are both toys and games, of course let’s not forget the Fast and the Furious and Transformer movie series and heck there’s a sub-genre in anime dealing with races like Initial D and Speed Racer.

But by far and large these iconic vehicle based media don’t have a large depth that we here really like to talk about. That doesn’t mean they aren’t important or haven’t made contributions to gaming however and just because something isn’t deep doesn’t mean it can’t be enjoyable. The majority of us however that created the site aren’t hardcore fans of vehicle based games. And even while I have played a fair amount I’d rather play something else or talk about something else. I’m just being honest here.

In the previous two years I talked or played games such as Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit, Crazy Taxi, and Super Off Road. (Which you can check out by clicking the Memorial Racing Weekend tag or here) Crazy Taxi and Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit are not only good games but ones I remember fondly. Super Off Road is well known but unlike the other two games not because it’s good but rather because its common. To be fair though I talked more of its history or existence more than reviewing it.

So as far as a review goes for Super Off Road the GB version here’s a blurb: it’s not a bad game considering it’s competent for what it is. It’s a off road truck race game and it was obviously a downgraded port both in scope and technicals. The games length is obviously the most apparent difference besides naturally the graphics. Of course these are to be expected. But because it’s not only an original Game Boy game but also a racing game it has no story and your only purpose like all racing games are to win 1st place over and over to beat the game.

Now I feel I can move forward with this event! Thank you everyone for your patience and support it means a lot to me.


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