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Current B.T. Plays (Let’s Plays) Series List

Hello everyone! B.T. here and I just want to apologize for the sorry/lack of content that has been brought here. As some of you know I’ve been dealing with health things, as well as some other obligations. I last stated that when some let’s plays series were finished I would bring them here in a post however I felt that I should showcase them now and talk a little about each.

Monday’s isn’t completely a Let’s Play Day at least scheduled that is but it is home to the Minecraft Survival Craft: Surviving Alone series, as well as random Minecraft videos that I will be making periodically. You can check them out by clicking on this link (it will show you a page with links to all posts on this site!)

On Tuesdays and Thursdays we currently have a new series going on and that’s Ark: Survival Evolved in what is considerably a non kid friendly Let’s Play with a former coworker Jake. Again if you don’t know what Ark: Survival Evolved is it’s basically Jurassic Park meets Minecraft in many ways. Your goal is to survive by making a home for your self, taming or killing all sorts of prehistoric animals like mammoths and dinosaurs and taking on big bad bosses in arena’s around the world.

The world has various biomes and your goal isn’t completely spelled out as the game itself isn’t finished it is in Early Access and most of the time one should avoid these kinds of games yet this game has so much content already and it looks fine that its worth the price tag as is.

Currently on Fridays (as of 04/22/16) it’s B.T. Plays Fallout 3 GOTY edition, Fallout 3 if you don’t know is a Post-Apocalyptic RPG by the game studio Bethesda, the most recent one Fallout 4 is more of a Hybrid of the FPS Shooter Genre and an RPG, with Fallout 3 being a more true to the RPG genre, requiring the use of stats more so than just quick interaction in the the environment (read: in the FPS genre your skill is typically related to hand eye coordination, tactical advantages, and well luck. If you can see something and track its movement you can most likely hit it [depending on weapon at hand] where as in RPG’s your ability to hit is related to those basic stats and not simply what you can see or track, though the luck element is actually replaced with random number generation (RNG))

B.T. Plays Fallout 3 often sees multiple episodic releases through out the day of Friday up to a maximum of three episodes in keeping with the title of Fallout 3. While I have played through a quarter of the game on console and know a bit of the beginning of the game it’s the middle to end game that I haven’t done yet. I do however have a hoarding problem thanks to this game… You can never have too many doodads after a post apocalypse.

And finally on Saturday’s there’s B.T. Plays Darkest Dungeon, currently however its being paused while I look into adding the dlc into the game and I may have to restart so that being said if it doesn’t break the game then you can expect it to continue next week. Darkest Dungeon however happens to be an interesting battle RPG, dungeon crawling turn based roguelike game.

What makes Darkest Dungeon great however is it’s Lovecraftian-esque setting/the Gothic art style is just interesting and great to explore. They game has some RNG elements that are found in a lot of RPG games, and its not easy, the game is often times down right unforgiving.


These are the current Let’s Plays that are scheduled weekly. Ark replaced the former YouTube Channel exclusive series B.T. Plays 1.3 Pre-Hardmode you can check it out here. There is a slew of stuff that I’m working on and some of which should be out within the next few weeks and even more that should be out further down the road. Thank you everyone for checking out this site, and supporting it it means a lot to me and I hope to return that with more content in the coming weeks!


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