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Exanora Chibi coming soon?

Exanora Chibi coming soon?


DISCLOSURE~ B.T. received the OmNomCom Collection free from the developer @Sudorossy due to this B.T. didn’t feel comfortable talking about it alone being the first review copy (Thank You) so B.T. played these games along with Exanora, and here are Exanora’s thoughts on this collection!


B.T. and I recently took a look at something called the OmNomCom Collection, a collection (obviously) of projects from OmNomCom (again, obviously) that contains a rather impressive number of games and goodies. Now, I will be rather blunt about my opinions of everything I saw inside the Collection but only in hopes that the creators of the content will read this and strive to create more material and better material at that. So what exactly comes in the Collection? 12 games on various platforms, music, source codes, and a live wallpaper. Of the 12 games available, B.T. and I were able to play 6 of them due to some technical constraints. All of this costs normally 10 GBP, which is about 14 USD ***Currently this collection is available 7 GBP, which is $10.16 USD***, a fair price for everything that comes with the Collection. If you aren’t interested in buying the whole package games are available for individual purchase/download.



Eternal Flight is a simple top-down shooter in which you play a dragon that kills other dragons, eventually flying higher and higher to kill off a God. The game is endless and has a procedural generated background,  but it feels rather basic and there’s no clear indication as to the necessity of the player’s actions since you can get to the “boss” without doing actually doing anything.



Sphereball, you launch the balls at the squares. Its like Angry Birds but with more geometry. There are a few levels available right now, and maybe  more will be made.


NTAC Man is an interesting piece, as you “play” it on an old school gameboy knock-off, the OmNomCom Playtoy. Using some very simple controls, you play as NTAC Man and try to shoot the enemies who are trying to kill you. Its a tough game as you die in only one hit but so do your enemies.  Each level is procedural generated and loads almost instantly. Combined with it being endless and easy to play, it’s a fun game that could be made better with something like a story mode or a score tracker.




One of the better games, in my opinion, Jack of All Trades is like the flash based cousin of Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes. The player has ten seconds to disarm the explosive and move on to the next one. Once again an endless game, there is also a multi-player mode available, though I didn’t get to try that out as that part was designed for mobile.




From the Global Game Jam 2015, Thoughts of Red,  Thoughts of Blue is a one to two player puzzle game about the characters, Red and Blue. While it does have a narrative and has working puzzle mechanics, TORTOB does feel like it isn’t actually done yet. Still, it’s interesting for how its mechanics are presented and the story that emerges as you play. I was unable to finish it due to some glitches that occurred as I played, but I did enjoy what I was able to play.




The most complete of all the games I played Dot.Stop.Run is a 2D puzzle platformer where you play as Dot and attempt to reach the end of the level. The interesting mechanic is Dot’s ability to freeze time for a short while, turning falling objects into stationary platforms that you can use to traverse gaps. There are a few concrete levels in the game and can be completed in a few minutes, but there is also an endless mode that randomizes the levels so there will also be a bit of a challenge to face. Definitely my favorite game on the list, I can easily see Dot.Stop.Run having more content added to it and becoming a larger and more interesting game in the future.


The music available in the OmNomCom Collection is all very good, if you enjoy more ambient style music. Listening to each of the tracks, it is very easy to see them being used in a future game, or you could use them just to relax to a pleasant white noise. If possible, I would genuinely enjoy seeing more music being made and would be happy to pay a few dollars for more albums. The only complaint I have in regards to the music is that some of the tracks feel really short, like they got cut off unexpectedly.
So the big question: Should you buy the OmNomCom Collection? I would say yes, yes you should. Buying the Collection gives them money to make more content to improve their skills and expand their abilities. In a way, it’s like you’re investing into the future of a game developer and the possibility of new, better games.

Currently on sale for 7GBP (or $10.16 USD) the good bye sale!

Currently on sale for 7GBP (or $10.16 USD)
the good bye sale!


As of 02/09/2016-

The OmNomCom Collection, is available for a limited time at at the sale price. As OmNomCom is shutting down. Don’t worry if you’re to late to get these games as they will be returning but in a better/polished state. And don’t fret over @Sudorossy as she will continue creating better stuff, OmNomCom will continue on by Adeliae Creative @AdeliaeCreative  ////   Though currently the site isn’t live. @Sudorossy will have a blog post on the closure and change soon. [Blog post]


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