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Welcome back everyone! Today I’m bringing forward the newest What’s Up With? – Guild of Dungeoneering. This one is in the older style (it’s about 25 minutes long) But it’s important you watch it unedited. The game has a lot of song quips about what you do and what has happened and it is important to showcase this. I did think about leaving a part unedited for a few minutes but then you wouldn’t see the consistence and timely use. The singing really adds charm to the game. Honestly I was worried about it but it’s got entertainment value and can make light actions in the game such as losing your character a little more tolerable.

The whole purpose of this game is to build up a Guild of Dungeoneering by going to dungeons (Dungeon Crawl) with guild members to earn treasure and you do this one room at a time both for the guild and the dungeons. By being able to decide the rooms of the dungeon you get a risk/reward system. The rooms along with characters and items are all cards, as this game is a card based game very similar to deck building style card games. The cards allow rooms both in the guild and dungeons to be randomized or different based on how you build them so there is replay value as well.



[ Info- Guild of Dungeoneering is an indie game developed by a tiny dev group Gambrinous of Dublin, Ireland. It was published by Versus Evil and the game’s available for PC and Mac from Steam, GOG, and the Humble (Bundle) Store. It’s currently $14.95 USD (1/13/2016)

As of this video I have only played this game for 1 hour and 15 minutes, WUW series is an introductory review series for

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