Final Fantasy Week #2- CoONSG- Fave FF7 Summons!?




Summons! In most of the Final Fantasy series there are large magical beings that a person can summon forth to cause massive damage or other magical based actions to occur for the boon of the party.  While there are several that pretty much exist in all of the games in which summons appear there are several that do not. In some of the games they exist not as actual summon-able help but rather as bosses, and whether or not they are called summons or another name summons are a distinct part of the Final Fantasy series.

Chronicles of ONS Gaming: What is your Favorite Summons in Final Fantasy 7?




Jon: Alexander


Alexander is my favorite summon. For starters, it’s a work of art. It looks like a Roman Catholic Cathedral built during the Renaissance. It’s also the only way to deal holy damage in FF7, and while there aren’t too many enemies weak to holy, it’s a nice perk. It’s also one of the more cost-efficient summons in the game, doing a good deal of damage for only 120 MP, compared to Bahamut Zero’s 180 and KOTOR’s 250 MP costs.

Alexander as a Tetra Master Card

Alexander as a Tetra Master Card

The attack also looks awesome, and gets better as the series goes on. In FF9 it’s the size of an entire castle and is considered the strongest summon (although it is unusable). Also, perks to them for the great nameplay, as Alexander is derived from the greek word Alexandros, meaning “Protector of Mankind”.

Honorable mention goes to Odin, whom I nearly selected. Had this been “Favorite FF summon” or “Favorite FF9 Summon”, I would’ve picked him. He’s just not useful enough in the late game compared to others.

Alexander as he exists in FF14 A Realm Reborn

Alexander as he exists in FF14 A Realm Reborn




Tirc: Knights of the Round

FF7 KotR

For me my answer is Knights of the Round. The amount of effort that has to go into getting this summons makes getting it and using it all the more satisfying. And of course a good reason to use it often. Couple this summons materia with the Omni-slash Limit Break of Cloud makes the final boss fight with Sephiroth easy!


[ In order to get the Knights of the Round summons materia in FF7  you can do it in one of two ways:

#1- Using a Gold Chocobo and going to Round Island. Round Island is a small island hidden in the north of the map that has no means of landing on it via any method other than the Gold Chocobo which you must acquire. To get a Gold Chocobo you can do it by the normal yet time consuming means of breeding Chocobo’s or you may defeat the Ruby Weapon and trade in its drop (the Desert Rose) for one via the Kalm Traveler; if you have no more stables the awarded Chocobo from the Kalm Traveler the Chocobo will reside in his house allowing for the player to come back for the bird.


#2- Master Summon Materia. The Master Summon Materia gives the equipped access to all 16 summons within the game. And itself can be gotten twice without cheating in game. The first method of getting one is if you master every summon in the game and then visit the large summon materia in Bugenhagen’s observatory in Cosmo Canyon and talk to it. The second method is defeating the Emerald Weapon and trading in the item it drops (the Earth Harp) to the Kalm Trader. In addition to receiving the Master Summon materia you will also get the Master Magic and Master Command materia.]

*Knights of the Round appears in one other FF game, Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward, as that expansion for FF14: A Realm Reborn’s main boss. You must defeat King Thordan VII and the Heaven’s Ward, or 12 knights and King Arthur if you will. Several of the Heaven’s Ward knights will use powers or items and armor similar to the Knights in the summon*




B.T.: Bahamut Zero


This is rather hard for me after looking back and thinking on the series I like most of the Summons in FF7. Do I pick my early favorite of Ifrit who exists as much as Shiva does through out the series? Or do I pick a further end of the game summon such as Kjata? I decided my choice would be Bahamut Zero.

If nothing else the dragon Bahamut is cool, is the “King of the Dragons” and does non-elemental damage. While I love elemental stuff (specially fire) what’s cooler than a dragon shooting a Kamehameha wave? Well a bigger dragon… for one, so why not Neo Bahamut? Neo Bahamut is pretty cool and lifts your enemy/ies up into the sky only to obliterate the land they were on and send them falling back down to the ground for even more damage… but no we need more damage and more awesomeness.

Bahamut Zero is the dragon hero we need. If Bahamut is suppose to be “King of the Dragons” than Bahamut Zero is the “King of Kings” though this is typically taken from D&D lore which makes him a Platinum Dragon (of which Bahamut Zero is shiny like hammered and polished platinum). He does do 7.5x Base magic damage instead of 5x or 4.0625x. Though all of the Bahamut’s damage dealt ignores the enemies magical defense. Bahamut Zero however travels around the solar system using his six wings and his blast comes from space and looks like an actual Kamehameha wave…


On a serious not though there’s two historical notes on Bahamut Zero the first being;

All of the Bahamut’s origins take from ancient pre-Islamic Arabic mythos, most versions have Bahamut being a giant whale that also has a giant bull that has 4 thousand eyes, ears, noses, mouths, tongues and feet called Kujuta which exists as Kjata in the Tetra Elemental summon of that same name Kjata. In others however Bahamut is a Dragon that stands on the back of the Whale.


& the second being that it’s name Zero after the WW2 Japanese plane the Mitsubishi A6M Reishiki/ Rei-sen or Zero Fighter. And if anything else about me needs knowing it is that I really like History…




Noodle: Shiva


My answer is Shiva and has always been important for me to get or get too Shiva. I’m unsure why I have such a connection with Shiva. Shiva is cool and the Queen of Ice in the Final Fantasy Series.


[Shiva has been a summons in almost every Final Fantasy that has had summons, from FF3 to FF14. However in FF12 she is actually a ship and not summonable in battle. She is almost always a pale female humanoid drab in very few clothing. In FF7 she happens to be the second (or first if you don’t get the Choco/Mog) materia. You receive Shiva after defeating the boss Bottomswell and saving Priscilla’s life.


In FF14: A Realm Reborn she is both a boss and an ally while getting more background on that worlds Shiva than potentially any other Shiva in the series.]

Shiva as she is in FFXIV A Realm Reborn

Shiva as she is in FFXIV A Realm Reborn


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