Indie Corner: Game & Review – Vanguard Princess


Exanora Chibi coming soon?

Exanora Chibi coming soon..? seriously get on this B.T.


I like to think that B.T. and I are friends. Maybe not best friends, but good friends. So, when he asked me to take a look at Vanguard Princess I was more than happy to help him out as a friend.


I now have to question our friendship.

Vanguard Princess is a 2-on-2 2D fighting game created by Tomaoki Sugeno aka Suge9, who use to be a Capcom employee, and was originally released in June 2009. It was originally created as freeware but was brought to Steam via the Greenlight in 2014. The graphics are beautiful and each character feels unique, with moves that are easy enough to learn for folks of any skill level in terms of fighting games. And with a roster of 11 characters and 5 supports, there is a character for players of most any style.


[It is a Dōjin soft or Dōjin game/it is a home-brewed game based on anime-aesthetics created by the sole creator Sugeno/Suge9 who previously worked on Capcom titles of Resident Evil 3: Nemesis and The King of Fighters EX: Neo Blood. This game is created in the Fighter Maker 2nd Engine. The itself has also been censored for the American release due to culture differences, though on steam the game comes with a Directors Cut to add back in the content that was cut.]


Now that the facts are out of the way, its time for opinions. Specifically my opinion and, as it stands, I don’t think the game is very good. When you start up the game, it opens in a small window to a main menu of two options: Single Player and Versus Mode. If you want to choose a different stage, set round time, handicaps, or adjust window size then you have to use the drop down menus along the top of the window.


Trying to actually play the game proved to be difficult at the best of times. First I tried using a keyboard and rebinding the keys was difficult and they never seemed to respond after a few minutes of play. Playing with a controller proved to be similar, as did playing with a game pad. No matter what kind of controls I used the game felt clunky and sticky, each input felt like it took a second or two to respond in game. Not to mention there is no explanation as to how the Support system works or how the different choices actually affect what they do.

Vanguard Princess is a stunningly beautiful game, but good graphics and boob jiggle a game do not make. If you are into anime fighters and are willing to deal with some technical difficulties then by all means, buy the game. The game is currently $4.99usd on Steam, and you can pickup the Directors Cut DLC Free. If you want a fighting game about cute animated girls that’s actually playable? You would be better off looking at other titles… If you do want a quality fighter about cute girls; Skull Girls is the game you’re looking for and can be picked up on Steam for $14.99usd


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