Indie Corner: Game & Review – Binding of Issac: Afterbirth DLC


Exanora Chibi coming soon?

Exanora Chibi coming soon?

The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth is the massively popular Rogue-Like developed by Nicalis and Edmund McMillen. You can check out my review on Rebirth Here. The game challenges players of any skill level and tempts people back after each loss with the chance of unlocking new items or using a new combination of items. However, even with almost infinite combinations of items, the game does start to seem repetitive once you’ve unlocked all the achievements and acquired Real Platinum God status (The name of the achievement for getting 100% of the in game achievements). After all, whats there to do after getting everything?



On the 30th of October, the  answer to that question was given in the form of The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth, the new DLC for Rebirth. This DLC completely revamps the original game by adding new items, Challenges, achievements, characters, and so much more. Does this make the game easier? Well, let my current “winstreak” speak for itself…

Exanora's "Winstreak"

Exanora’s “Winstreak”

Yeah, its still crazy hard. Now, what exactly was added with the DLC?

  • There are 95 new items to find and unlock, along with more item combos and synergies.
  • 29 new trinkets that each provide an effect that can help you succeed
  • 10 new Challenges to confound and frustrate you.
  • Two new characters: Lilith
  • Lilith

    and Keeper.

  • New pickups, chests, pill styles/effects, and usable cards.
  • New alternate floors, seeds, room types, and room layouts
  • Expanded soundtrack, which is available for purchase
  • New enemies, bosses, and champion types.
  • New achievements to spend months trying to get.
  • A new HUD UI that shows the last few items you picked up.


The last three things I want to mention are some of the most significant changes to the game, in my own opinion. The first is the Blue Womb and the Hush, a new area and boss that the player can fight if they can defeat Mom’s Heart/ It Lives in under thirty minutes, provided you’ve defeated it at least 10 times before.



If you can do that, then you get a Boss Rush style door that leads you down to the Blue Womb. The Blue Womb is a unique floor as it only has five rooms: The main room, two double item rooms, a 6 item shop, and the boss room. The Hush fight is incredibly difficult, with the boss itself having incredibly high health and defense, not to mention the sheer bullet hell that it assaults you with. Victory rewards you with a new end scene and, depending on the character you’re playing, new item unlocks.

Second: The Daily Challenge!!!! The idea isn’t new, but it was long desired by BoI fans to show off their skill with the game to others. The Daily is a seeded run, meaning it has the same floor layout and items for everyone, and tracks your actions during the run to give you a score when you either reach the goal for the run, or die. Things like picking up consumables and killing enemies will give you points, but you lose points by picking up items and by the passing of time.


The final major addition, and my favorite, is Greed Mode. This mode can be selected when you are choosing your character. The set up for Greed Mode is interesting, instead of sprawling floors, each floor only has six rooms: A free Item room, a locked Item room, a Curse room, the main room, the Shop and the exit room. The basis of Greed mode is that everything costs money. The only way to get money is to press the button in the man room and defeat the enemy waves.


Money means everything in Greed Mode, as its the only way to get keys, bombs, health, items, anything and everything revolves around money. Even the unlocks involved with Greed Mode involve money, those that aren’t tied with beating Ultra Greed with certain characters anyway. Ultra Greed, the final boss for Greed Mode, is a tough fight that will test your ability to react to situations intelligently. When you beat Ultra Greed, a special Donation Machine will appear that will unlock things as you fill it closer to its max of 999 coins.

So, is the DLC worth the buy? Absolutely and then some. It makes it feel like a whole new game, and has revived my passion for The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth. Tack on the fact that other DLC has been planned? Afterbirth is amazing, and it seems that it is only the first step in what I hope is a long legacy of Binding of Isaac  DLC.


Don’t forget to check out the review on the Binding of Isaac: Rebirth here, as well as tune back in for the upcoming Final Fantasy Week event that starts 11th through 17th of December!!!

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