Fall Harvest 2015- Fallout 4 Farming




Fallout 4 Farming!

Excuse me Madam/ Sir could I offer you some advice?

Excuse me Madam/ Sir could I offer you some advice?

For most people, I would say when one says “post apocalyptic” they don’t immediately think of farming. And that’s probably how it should be. However if one survives to see a post apocalyptic world we here or at the very least I would hope one would want to revive humanity/society.

This is the point were we take a quick pause to reference history here; originally humans were hunter/gatherers and were constantly on the move (we were nomads). So as a species we lived in small groups and were constantly on the move. It’s safe to assume that in such a post apocalyptic world this would return as a norm specially since certain resources would be rare. Now for humanity to return to a modern sense after such a massive change they would have to go from nomadic hunting/gathering once again to communal farming.

Life of the future where robots do all the farming while humans sit back on their couches...

Greygardens… the life of the future where robots do all the farming while humans sit back on their couches and reap what they sow…

Once we as a species originally stopped our travels and decided to farm in a spot (which is a more reliable way to get food) we went from small groups to ever growing populaces, and then insert non farming jobs (the trades) as well as protection of said area. Returning to Fallout 4 if you want to rebuild society and make it as grand or at least as reliable as pre-war society the best place to start is to start with farms.

A lot of people who want to farm wont know how to initially. To be honest I didn’t either but it wasn’t hard to figure it out: you just need to have one of the vegetable/fruits that you want to plant and then use the building option in an area you control to plant it. But the first place you visit wont have any of them to loot though you will find wild versions of some of the plants but that will only net you flowers which are still usable for crafting but not in farming.

Wild Tato Flower

Wild Tato Flower

The best way to get stuff to plant is to go visit a nearby farm (there are several in the starting zone) and harvest crops at that place and using those to plant in your own first area won’t count as stealing. The second method is unreliable but it is to find some or one in random container in the world. The last and least reliable method is to loot it off an enemies corpse which has horrible drop rates similar to containers. So what are the plants you can grow and farm? There are currently seven different crops you can grow: Corn, Melons (watermelons), gourds (small pumpkins), carrots, razorgrain (wheat), tato (a mutated tomato-potato hybrid, and mutfruit which is a berry mutation fruit.




Mutfruits provide the best food resource to any given area you control, at one point of resource per planted tree, where as the other six only give half (.5) food resource. While it would seem growing only mutfruit would be the best option by having more or all of the foods growing in any given area you can provide a better happiness bonus to that specific location.
In order for it to count as a food source in that specific area you will need to assign a settler to them but each settler can tend to up 6 plants at a time. Though to build up several areas in the Fallout 4 game may be way too much commitment (specially in the time department) for you in this game or it’s just not your thing you honestly don’t have to do any of this.

Fortunately as long as you have a few people assigned to farming you can return and harvest the plants in your farms or farming area of your location. You don’t have to worry about the resource disappearing for the area, your harvesting doesn’t affect that. If however something doesn’t have an assigned person to work it you will say something to the affect of “I need to assign someone to this”.


Even broken down farm equipment looks wonderful in this game…

It is however recommended you at least build a little bit and farm a little bit at the first place. If you want to have multiple weapons or alter armor your going to need a steady supply of adhesive which is kind of rare in the game so if hoarding everything you come across is also not your thing farming can be a saving grace… If you grow some corn, mutfruit, and tato’s you can provide yourself with vegetable starch (the recipe also requires purified water and three of each plant and can be made at any cooking station so long as you have the items on you or in the workshop). With each vegetable starch it is worth 5 adhesives!


The last bonus to farming is it gives you something to trade when traders visit if you need a few spare caps in order to get some new gear or aid items. Fortunately farming is pretty easy in this game and once you set it up and assign you only need to return to harvest and or repair in event of it being damaged in an attack which if you do it in the first location and build enough turrets an attack is not likely to occur all that often.

That’s all I have to say about farming though I will talk more about Fallout 4 in the coming months. Stay tuned for the Fall Harvest, Harvest Moon post coming next.



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