HHB & General Update w/Prison Architect


Hey everyone!  Here’s a quick update video with Prison Architect (Escape Mode) below the video I will type out the basics of what I am saying as well as some extra notes!.


B.T. here as normal, to give an update on the upcoming Horror Halloween Bash (HHB) Event and other stuff going on that’s mostly pertaining to me but not only so. First things first I’m still working out the layout for my office though I am putting stuff away and up in an effort to move my desk and other vital stuff into the room. It’s taking time away from being creative as one can understand.

For the upcoming event there will be at least two videos from me and at least two posts; The only thing I will state now is that one of the videos of the event will be the as promised Fan/poll choice Top Monsters that was started last HHB Event. More specifically it will be a Top 8 video and I will be attempting to interpret the choices and the reasoning but it will be subjective (as they are anyways).

Several videos and posts will be going up during or near this event but they aren’t associated with the HHB event. You can continue to expect some What’s Up With? videos but they will take a little more time to come out as we will be editing them (the Prison Architect one being a prime example). The editing of the videos will eventually be seen with a newer end of video overlay for links and such though that graphic is currently being proposed and drafted.

The Hardcore Survival Alone video series is currently being edited and is very slow going I want it to be good so it’s taking time as such I’m making a quick short 5-6 minute video on the Top 5 things I enjoy building in Minecraft as a apology video of sorts.

The Terraria Let’s Play with me will continue on with part 4 that will be coming out tomorrow. Remember that this let’s play is a YouTube Channel Exclusive! But don’t worry about it as some website video exclusives are being drafted.

Some other updates: 1) A contributed post should be coming from Exanora, but when I can’t say.

2) Jon now has my Copy of GTA 5, but he did mention that he has a few posts he wants to do when he isn’t working his regular job so much.

3) Tirc on the other hand has been playing Wow, Hex, and League of Legends and a few other games here or there but hasn’t mentioned any specifics on any posts. I have talked to Tirc about some Let’s Play ideas but specific or guarantees aren’t forth coming.

To be fair to both Jon & Tirc I haven’t heard from them before this post in a few days so again I cant state one way or another on content from them and I don’t want to make promises that go against current work and family business which would make said promises impossible so I hope you all are okay with that… I will be trying to include them in future projects with me with their schedule and other priorities in mind but that’s in the distant future.

That’s all for the updates for now Hope you all are excited for the up coming event!

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