Mario Week: Yoshi




Yoshi is one of the several spin-off games in the NES era of Nintendo games. It qualifies as a game for our Mario Week event because on it’s own there’s not much reason to talk about this game. For me it holds some nostalgia so its better received by me than other critics. Most critics have panned this game giving it at best a “5/10”. We here at the ONS Gaming have stepped away from giving a score on games and rather talk and explain why one should or shouldn’t buy said games.


One of the biggest criticism of this game is its repetitive nature. I concur but many, many other games that are well received are also repetitive (if you really think on it). It’s other big complaint is that of luck. While in the beginning of the game this is a non-factor. As the game proceeds and difficulty ramps up you will need to clear one of the four lanes or maybe all of them but the chances are you wont have the tile you need or want.


The objective of this game is to connect a bottom egg piece to a top egg piece and hatch baby Yoshi’s while trying to match tiles/enemies up with like tiles to clear them. When an egg is completed any tiles caught in the middle are also cleared in these manners points are gained. Or simply put the goal is to keep the lanes clear and hatch Yoshi’s racking up your points.

Mario makes a cameo appearance in this game as the “lane flip operator” as I call him. With Mario you can flip lanes allowing you to balance the lanes or lead to clearing tiles. You can not move tiles only the lanes in this game. Though a neat little bit to this game is Mario flipping the direction he is looking when he flips lanes its a nice touch.


I think the problem with this game opposed to say Tetris is that unlike Tetris where you can easily see how to deal with something in this game you have not one tile dropping but two so many players try to claim “luck” as to a reason for their poor playing. But again even if there wasn’t a bit of chance issue the games repetitive nature does make the game dull after awhile. Even with there being two modes which are virtually the same (except ones timed) the replay value is low.


Again unless this is a game of nostalgia there’s not much you are missing with so unless it is or maybe your trying to collect all the Mario related games it isn’t a necessary game title. For me again it holds nostalgia as it ones one of the first games I had for my Game Boy!



Stay tuned! The video content will be out towards the end of the week!

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