Zelda Week #3- Triforce pt 2




-This is the second and the ending post of the Triforce post-

We started the post talking about the background. Today however we’re going to talk more about the coin that is the Triforce. What I mean by coin I mean the two faces and the center: Ganon is the morally wrong or evil side of the coin with Link representing the morally right or good side. The center or mass of the coin is that which is neutral: Zelda.


While Zelda is a “good guy” character she represents Wisdom and even has the Triforce piece of wisdom. Wisdom is an attribute that has no moral distinction and can be used or had by any one regardless of the alignment they fall under. I stated awhile ago that one can consider that Princess Zelda is the true hero of time (link to post here), and she may very well be the hero considering after all it’s called the Legend of Zelda for a reason. But like all good stories there’s room for personal interpretation.


As Wisdom- Zelda or her Family but more often than not Zelda her self is the call to arms in the story for Link or is the gate keeper(s) to Ganon’s quest of rule. Again without Zelda this story doesn’t exist. You can replace Link or Gannon with another character to fill in the spot but Zelda is integral.

7 Sages,  2 distinct faces of a coin (1 whole) and 1 center piece; 9 total. Similar to the 9 worlds of the Viking Triforce. Again it could just be Pareidolia.

7 Sages, 2 distinct faces of a coin (1 whole) and 1 center piece; 9 total. Similar to the 9 worlds of the Viking Triforce. Again it could just be Pareidolia.

The Triforce pieces are broken down into the three separate parts, the evil always finds the Power piece, Zelda always has the Wisdom piece and Link always gets the courage piece. The courage piece is the “good” piece because courage is oft associated as a positive or good guy trait. Most dark or evil characters have the opposite characteristics. In this case they are sometimes cowardly. While the good/evil/neutral paradigm of the Triforce has been talked about before I just wanted to bring it up this year (really I wanted an excuse to talk about the potential background history).


Speaking of the Hojo Clan from Japan; here's a Samurai Link!

Speaking of the Hojo Clan from Japan; here’s a Samurai Link!


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