ONSG Birthday &amp Zelda Week#3; Late Summer News



ONS Gaming just started it’s 3rd year, in other words it’s 2 and with it’s birthday having come that means in a few weeks we will see the return of Zelda Week. August is the ONS Gaming’s birth month so its celebratory! As B.T. was one of the main forces behind the ONS Gaming coupled with the facts that (A) In some sources the first game The Legend of Zelda was released in August in the states and (B) All four of the main writers at the start of this website all enjoyed playing Legend of Zelda games.

Unlike the last two Zelda Weeks this years theme is just the series on a whole. Posts may or may not be on specific games but rather series wide concepts. Zelda Week #3 Starts 08/22 and ends on 08/28!

This is the unfinished title for Zelda Week #3, it will be completed before the event!

This is the unfinished title for Zelda Week #3, it will be completed before the event! (Title image is currently everything that’s inside the black square)

So what’s up with the website?

Besides Zelda Week that’s up coming,  There’s a lot that’s in the works but nothing that we wish to state for obvious reasons (when the stuff will come is unknown). As for Tirc & Jon, both of them are hobbyists and can only put forth stuff as they can due to work or other obligations and when or how they allow. Though What can be stated is that Jon has a list of stuff he wishes to post on and something will come “soonish” so stick forward to that.

Contributors are also working on stuff and will come when they finish, there were some delays on Kamoe’s part.

What’s up with B.T.?

B.T. was out due to illness and took an extended break from the website, he will be returning at least to part time on the website soon, if not before the Zelda Week then definitely by the Zelda Week this month. After Zelda Week you can expect a video or a post about once a week but most likely not both. B.T, will explain:

Sorry everyone for not having returned after the original planned 2 weeks, unfortunately a lot of health issues have come on all at once. My time will be split between 5 major thing:

First of which is obviously my health. I have a few chronic issues that will be with me for good and as best as I can I have to learn to deal with them. Hopefully over time that will be mitigated and it wont be a huge time focus as stuff will become normal life for me and I will adjust. Recently (August 11th) I had surgery and an infection to which I have had for a long time was removed from my gum/jaw/tooth. As far as we know it was successful though currently I cant talk much, and am in pain and dealing with swelling still.

Second major item would be regular job, I have to focus on that and working as much there as possible which means less time for here and the other major things.

Third, I started writing again. This time working on a novel that is my main focus of writing outside of the website and will be my main focus until its completion.

Fourth, is obviously this website which is still very much important to me and like stated above I will be returning soon to work.

Fifth is my house, I moved into this year. There’s still quite a bit of work to be done but the office cant be put together until some other stuff is dealt with so it limits what I can do or record for the website until its all done.

I’m currently working on stuff for the Zelda Week as you read this <if reading current>, As well as something I want to do as a mini-series relating to one of the illness(‘s?) I am dealing with. I’m hoping to make that a video but as of right now my video recording program isn’t working right so trying to find a fix or a work around. Worse case scenario the first item for that mini-series will be a post.


We just want to let you all know we are still here and content will be returning, thank you all for visiting our site and as always we hope you return, specially for the upcoming Zelda Week!

We all here at ONS Gaming want to thank you for visiting our site we hope you will return often!
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