Birthday of DPG 2015: BB 2




Okay so this events going to go on for more than the few days, So today I’m talking about Beyblade 2. Wait I mean Bushido Blade 2. Sorry about that, much like the first Bushido Blade this game has the “realistic fairness” that is lacking in many fighter games. Skill and luck collide to make great interesting matches, just like sparring or fights do in real life.


In Bushido Blade 2 they changed the battle scenario system from being a fight within the same school to being a fight between two rival assassins schools with fights taking place as skirmishes over the area but in different stages. Playing as a different character will or may lead to a different set of scenario battles but the end stage is pretty much the same dependent upon which school your character belongs too.


Another difference about this game are the weapon choices. Instead of only one pole arm there are two one for each school. In addition to the two pole arms there two characters that use guns, one a m16 and the other a pistol, one character for each of the schools. They are the equivalent to a sub or mini boss in the game. And these characters help remind everyone that while this and the first game may seem feudal Japan, it is actually set in modern times.


Bringing a katana to a gun fight…

Though the gun wielders are not readily available as playable characters unless you unlock them via beating slash mode with their respective school in under 15 minutes or by using cheat codes via a game shark. And honestly when I, Jon and our third friend (the Trio) got together we used the game shark to unlock everything in a lot of games, after all when alone we had beaten a lot of games so there was no point in doing that again and honestly we didn’t always remember to bring our respective memory cards with us.

On an occasion we did remember our memory cards, and one such game involved Evil Zone another fantastic fighter game, but that game is for another time and perhaps best talked about by Jon…

With Bushido Blade 1 & 2, but especially 2 it felt similar to a storyline that would have come from an anime and for me that’s just fine. There was nothing profound about the games story which then again one doesn’t normally seek in a fighting game. And the game did variations on the main story per each character making the game ever so less repetitive and adding character to well the characters.

Anime like drama; tragic love.

Anime like drama; tragic love.

Speaking of characters my favorite character of this game is Matsumushi, and I’m unsure exactly why but the fact he could duel wield was pretty cool to me and also the fact he was a master less warrior (Ronin) as they are called so he did a lot of wandering where ever he pleased like wind. Another thing this game does right was making characters feel different in their weapon preferences and abilities this holds true for the first games as well.

Matsu is in purple, and is just cool.

Matsu is in purple, and is just cool.

As for balancing issues with the main roster of characters and weapons; to be honest I don’t recall any major one, the exception of course being the guns. The guns can be blocked and/or dodged which is a bit unrealistic but they do have an ammo limit before they must reload (I can’t recall if they had an overall limit or not). The only “cheap” bit in balancing I would say are the characters who have a second sword, but not because they have two weapons but rather you can throw it and potentially one shot someone with luck. But it can be dodged and that weapon picked up and thrown back by the opponent if you miss.

This game rewards risk, but with all risks comes that chance of failure. Though even messing up in this game can be entertaining and really makes it a fun game to play with friends while drinking. One doesn’t get too down when they lose in this game as a loss is pretty easy to come by and isn’t always dictated by skill just like a win isn’t either.

Last note; there are some weird characters in this game. Which isn't surprising.

Last note; there are some weird characters in this game. Which isn’t surprising. Jon what is it with us and games with weird characters? Makes me think of Romance of the Three Kingdoms…

If your into fighting games, or are into Otaku kind of things, and graphics aren’t a big deal to you than this is a classic that’s worth picking up.


General celebration will continue for the next few days, and then I will be on a hiatus, but don’t worry I will return!


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