Birthday of DPG 2015: Bushido Blade




Bushido Blade
I remember one of the first ever hanging out with friends and drinking while gaming nights I ever had. Interestingly enough several fighter (versus) games were played that night. While I dislike that genre the one game that I really like of the genre was played in copious amounts. Bushido Blade.


Why do I like Bushido Blade where as other games of the fighting genre I do not? Is it because I’m an Otaku? No, okay well maybe but seriously its because it’s a rather “fair” game, it “balances” luck and skill much like real life. It is seemingly “realistic”. In one fight an attack might be a glancing blow where as in another fight it might be a fatal hit.

Where does skill come into play? With reaction times; the ability to dodge or block making a fatal blow a glancing blow or a glancing blow a completely blocked attack. Dodging itself can also make a once fatal hit just glancing or make an attack completely miss giving you an opening to counter attack.


Matches in this game also pit the players knowledge of weapons against one another, as weapons are unique to themselves. The Pole weapon Naginata has understandably and realistically long reach but when you are inside that reach you can dodge and attack fatally with a shorter reached weapon like the long sword. Each weapon of which there are eight (Katana, Nodachi, Long Sword, Saber, Broadsword, Naginata, Rapier, and Sledgehammer) play to its real world counter part; be it primarily slashing, piercing, or blunt hitting.

Oh Bamboo...

Oh Bamboo…

There are six different characters of which they have varying stats, and even differences and preferences and proficiency with the different weapons. Players in this game also have access to three stances, high, middle (neutral) and low stances, with them having pros and cons against the others. Changing stances in battle is as easy as pushing a button and allow for different attacks which may or may not land better hits depending on the opponents stance.

This game unlike other fighting games has no time limit in battle, has no health bar (like real life) and has roaming 3D battle arenas of which not all of the genre have. In placement of a health bar, your limbs can be damaged and rendered useless which again makes this fighter game seem ever more realistic. As for the 3D arenas they allow for movement and dodging but in my favorite (the bamboo thicket) allows for some amusing interaction (you can cut the bamboo and it will fall). Simple amusement before a duel to the death occurred a lot with alcohol involved.

TKO... Finish Him.... Strike him down and you will become more powerful...or something

TKO… Finish Him…. Strike him down and you will become more powerful…or something

While the games graphics are expected of the PlayStation 1 era, the enjoyability for anyone of any level to get into this game paired with drunken nostalgia just makes this game a classic for me. It is highly regarded as a good game and nostalgic for many, many gamers. It helps that this game has a sequel improving upon what this game laid down.
Regardless of what you are doing now a days, don’t forget to give yourself a chance to think and remember fondly the past!


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