Birthday of DPG 2015


DPG was originally conceptually thought up between several sessions of gaming and drinking in December 2012 between B.T and one of his best friends; Jon.

DPG was originally conceptually thought up between several sessions of gaming and drinking in December 2012 between B.T and one of his best friends; Jon.

DPG’s Birthday 2015

DPG (Drunken Procrastinating Gamers) was the original iteration of this website, created over three years ago. Brought together by B.T. and Jon as a side project, it would become a hobby for Jon, and considered a serious job by B.T. When Tirc and JP were added to DPG as partners the website was moved to the ONS Gaming. But many of you know this by now. DPG was originally built around the idea of good times and video games.

Whether gaming is your entertainment, or your stress reliever, or even your coping mechanism (heck or all three) whatever it is for don’t ever let anyone dictate over what it means to you. Many will and many have called Gaming and Gamers a great number of negative things. Often these people are bullies, and maybe they just say “they don’t get it”. Ironically that is often far from the truth and a means to justify their poor behavior and treatment of both Gaming and Gamers.

Gaming is a hobby and like many hobbies it holds special places in many gamers hearts or being. It is a passion and most people have a passion be it shopping on QVC, enjoying Sports, going to the Mall, fishing or hunting, the list goes on for what a person can be passionate about. Other hobbies or passions aren’t derided with such hate, why allow anyone to do the same for your hobby or passion on gaming?

Unlike some other hobbies Gaming can be an individual activity or a group activity. It is both nonsocial and social. It is the greatest thing there is because of its range and diversity. Even with games that are single player it adds a mean to be social, to communicate with and share ideas and shared experiences with other gamers.

Sharing experiences and ideas, talking about a passion where friends got together and enjoyed themselves as themselves that’s what DPG was about, that’s what it is about and that’s what is all about. We don’t put down other peoples hobbies and passions, and we certainly don’t stand for others doing the same to us. Whether you play games casually, or only mobile games, or are a core gamer. You are welcome here.


Thanks everyone for always visiting this site, be it your first or your 30th visit. Remember what gaming is to you and not to allow anyone to change that and if they question it, ask them if the same thing was asked about their passion would they like the questions if not maybe they shouldn’t be asking in the first place. While some may not “get it” there’s honestly really nothing for them to “get”; it’s entertainment or its a passion that helped you when others refused to. But then again it’s so much more than a one dimensional hobby.

Birthday celebration of DPG will continue for the next few days!


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