Memorial Racing Weekend: Chronicles of ONS Gaming 2015




Chronicles of ONS Gaming: What is your favorite game that cars and racing are in but are not the main focus and why?




Jon: I’m not entirely sure.

[Note to Jon, There’s several racing related mini-games in FF7, you know the game we play every year – B.T.]





Tirc: Grand Theft Auto for sure. As the series has gone on they’ve put more and more emphasis on the cars within the game world. The roles that the cars play has shifted from just being a mode of transportation to having a whole subculture within the game. Car physics have been handled really well within the game as well with a good mix of simulation to arcade feel.






Noodle: I’m not entirely sure, but I do enjoy the hover-board racing in Ratchet & Clank. While hover-boards aren’t cars they are a kind of transportation and it’s still racing, but fun and it’s also not something that anyone can do in our world… So if that counts that’s my answer and if not. Oh well.





B.T. : GTA,

For me it’s GTA but more so the entire series. While the series undoubtedly is vehicle based it is also a crime simulation. Initially in the series (the first two games) most of the crimes but not all of them stemmed from vehicle based crimes, in fact most of the gameplay has you driving a vehicle (car or truck based) to commit the crimes. As the series evolved the focus started to shift on to most major kinds of crimes and more and more crimes were done not necessarily dealing with cars. But vehicles now including water and air based vehicles and all vehicles were often traveling means but still could be used to commit the crimes. After all criminals often need to be mobile to stay ahead of their enemies and the law.


Also later in the series (starting with the third one) actual races and other kinds of side content were added to the games even content that would be considered non-criminal as well. To be honest I played this game and several other games well before I should have. But thankfully I was raised well and instead of becoming violent or shifting my view of morality to say the likes of a psychopath this game actually only confirmed and strengthened my notions on morality. But back to the focus of this question… in the GTA series cars and most vehicles have always handled well, in some games better in others but as the series unfolded they seemed to only get better. Let’s be honest with ourselves it also doesn’t hurt that this is in many ways a satirical life simulator in its own respects at least in the later series and if you are ignoring the games story or have already beaten the game you can explore and do whatever it is you wish to do.  So if you want to drive a car over a ramp that in real life you wouldn’t do, you can with only in game consequences.



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