Memorial Racing Weekend 2015 Opener




Super Off Road
Hey everyone B.T. here and it’s time for this years Memorial Racing Weekend Event, which is an event on vehicles and racing in games despite Memorial day being a day to celebrate those who have died while serving in the military. While there are some connections to racing and the military there’s also the fact that some races be they with vehicles or not are also considered “American”. Though racing in general isn’t American only in fact many cultures the world over enjoy various kinds of racing. So I felt that maybe I should talk about a common game(at least here in North America) though I have little doubt that it would or could have been released else where in the world considering the number of systems it was on.


Of course the game I’m talking about is Tradewest’s Sports Super Off Road. Originally released in a 1989 Arcade game titled Ivan ‘Ironman’ Stewart’s Super Off Road. But more often than not gamers will be more familiar with the console ports. The NES console port kept the licensing title but most other ports did not.


Of course all the games are very much the same from port to port with differences being the licensing and promotional content within the game such as the SNES version having Toyota being the truck brand and the brand title appearing on tracks, the NES version did have the Toyota ad licensing on the box but not in game on tracks. Of course each port is graphically different due to capabilities of the system it is related too. But unlike other games where some ports happen to be completely different versions the game in question, Super Off Road is an off road truck racer, similar to regular trucks but stronger from game to game.


This game is always played with a top down perspective and every track is typically an “indoor” or in a stadium man made off road track. Each track is designed very similar from track to track and honestly makes me think of another NES game: Excite Bike. Most off road racing games of the NES era looked similar at least those I played. Now for those of you who are saying “What about the third person view Super Off Road game?” well that is a sequel and not based on the first Arcade game of course that’s called Super Off Road: The Baja. That’s the limit of that game that I know of.

The version I played the most happened to be well the Nintendo Game Boy one. In fact I got it not too long after I got the original Game Boy and the packed in Tetris game, I talked about this before and you can read that [here]. I’ve also talked about another game I got around the same time as this game as well as the GB and Tetris, but this time about the Super Mario Land game and you can read that [here]. Honestly I remember playing this game during vacation travels along side those two games and think fondly on this game but despite this I was never good at.


But you don’t need to be good at something to enjoy it unless its something like Dark Souls or something similar where learning/being skillful at it is its own reward and necessary. Anyways, let me welcome you all to this years Memorial Racing Weekend event and hopefully you will visit us again during the event and following it and thank you for visiting our site!


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