Star Wars Week #2: SW: Demolition





While the second week of Star Wars is coming to a close for us here at the ONS Gaming, don’t worry in the slightest we have only just begun to hit the iceberg, we can go forward or back on the time line of Star Wars Games and have plenty of them to talk about. For this year I want to end on a little title from 2000, Star Wars: Demolition.

The Empire has outlawed Pod-racing because they are dangerous, so Jabba the Hutt brings forth a new vehicle sport: Demolition. Demolition is very similar to Twisted Metal where several entrants are pitted against one another in vehicles through various levels. The winner of course has their end goal of the game come true where all others either die or become slaves, with the exception of Bobba Fett.


While the games story is that simple the game does at least give each character in the game a short background detailing their motivation for joining this sport. A nitpicker would point out that the Empire shut down Pod-racing because it was dangerous, so then why would this sport be okay? It’s a battle to the death! Well obviously Pod-racing was legal and happened through out the galaxy. Where as this sport isn’t.



Don’t get me wrong this event happens through out the galaxy on planets we know of but it’s an illegal event and how could it not be? You are literally trying to kill your opponents on each planet. Now you do visit some interesting places like Cloud City, Hoth, the moon of Yavin 4, Tatooine, the Death Star and so on. And each planet has stuff that’s going on like on Hoth the battle is going on, or on the Death Star TIE fighters fly through a trench and on Tatooine there is a Sarlac pit that you can fall through. Let’s call these environmental hazards.


Of course there’s also destructible bits of the arena, there’s power ups and even more environmental hazards that aren’t moving or dynamic such as freezing gas/flamethrowers/ or being encased in carbonite as if you were gas or Han Solo on Cloud City.

Much like Twisted Metal this game also has various vehicles and characters that drive them. There’s an AAT from the Clone Wars, a AT-ST, a Pod-Racer, a STAP again from the Clone Wars, a character riding a Rancor, a Snowspeeder, there’s also Bobba Fett as himself. Usually you pick whatever interest you most or who’s ever story you like as not all the characters are the same or even human.


While this game got average scores when it came out, and it is an average game there can be a fair amount of fun with this game that overshadows it’s average score. If you have several friends over and they all like Star Wars this game can be a fair amount of fun specially since getting a copy these days will only run you about 5-8 bucks for a PS1 or Dreamcast copy.

Again Star Wars Week is at a close but don’t worry we will return next year with more content on a variety of games. With this weekend we will return to regular non-event games moving forward. Of course at the End of this month we have Memorial Racing Weekend event and in June we have two new mini events coming: one on D-Day and of course the other being the Birth of DPG all that’s left is to thank you for joining us this week and checking out our website and don’t forget to keep on gaming!

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