Star Wars Week #2: X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter




Star Wars X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter

In 1997 X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter was released, and it was the third installment for the Star Wars X-Wing Space Flight/Combat Simulator. But this game was the first Space Flight/ Combat Simulator that I ever got. I got this game along with a joystick of which was required unlike the two predecessors as they could be played with a mouse. Believe you me that I played this game a lot. This was another one of those I got it for Christmas as a gift from family that made a huge impact.


If not for getting this game I doubt I would enjoy any flight or flight combat simulators, it enthralled me. Now unlike the other games of the series, this game didn’t have a story but it did have missions but they were simply there as a training guide. The main purpose of this game was multiplayer. Though it allowed the players to pick their craft as well as purpose in their flight group. And it had been completely redesigned and was pushing better tech to make the game look and play better.


Now I must admit I was not good on the multiplayer portion of this game, be it because of the internet we had at the time or be it the fact I was 10 when I played this game. Needless to say because of this I played the missions a lot and thankfully with my imagination I made up stories to go along with what I was doing. So I still saw a lot of game play on this one.


In the original game there were a total of 16 missions, 8 of which were rebel based and 8 which were imperial based, in order for the campaign to be considered won at least three of the missions had to be completed successfully however like previously stated there was no story or cut scenes to tie these missions together or even place them on a time line, or make sense of what was going on. The game did however record stats and awards gained.


There were several snubfighters that you could pilot on either side of the battle field. For the Rebels you could pilot the X-Wing, Y-Wing, A-Wing, or the Z-95 Headhunter prior to the expansion. With the Expansion they added in the B-Wing. On the Imperial side you could pilot the TIE Fighter, TIE Bomber, TIE Advanced, XG-1 GUN, or my favorite the TIE Interceptor.



This was my first encounter with the TIE Interceptor, and is one of the reasons it remains my favorite imperial craft. Much like I was back then it was quick and I found that cool as a kid. Seriously a lot of my favorites as a kid was based on speed that or mystery; Vincent Valentine, Fox in Super Smash, Goku & Piccolo, TIE Interceptor, Strider Hiryu, among other things.


But when this game came out many didn’t see it as a legitimate part of the X-Wing Series because it was exclusively Multiplayer or practice so in November of 1997 an expansion was released for this game adding in a story. The Expansion Balance of Power added in 30 missions, 15 for each side. With the missions and story taking place in the Airam Sector. Of course the Rebels are rebelling and the Imperial forces are trying to wipe the sector of them. As stated before the Expansion also brought the B-Wing to being playable by the player.

The games did there best to be as in cannon as possible while allowing what it was to be a Rebel Pilot or again to be alongside the Imperial Forces. Though now with Disney owning the Franchise this game is no longer considered cannon at the very least it is still fun. I was so happy to have gotten this game and was given a taste of what it would be like to be a space pilot in the Star Wars Universe. More recently this and all the games of the series have been re-released online; you can be found

"I Have You Now"

“I Have You Now”


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