Star Wars Week #2: Opener- Tiny Death Star




Welcome to this years Star Wars week event/celebration here for This year I wanted to talk about a simple game for the opener. A game that any fan of Star Wars could pick up and enjoy. Yes, dare I say a casual game. And I do. While this game is casual it has the two qualities one seeks from this kind of game; addictive fun and fan service.



Unsurprising Star Wars: Tiny Death Star by casual game developers Nimblebit and Disney Mobile is a mobile game. So for this opener you’re getting a two-for, a Star Wars event post and a Gaming on the Go post. But of course it’s going to be contained all here in this one post. Now this game is very similar to another mobile game created by Nimblebit called Tiny Tower which is reminiscent of an older pc game: SimTower.


The purpose of this game much like the other two mentioned is to build floor by floor the best and biggest tower, or in this case the best Death Star. In this game you can build slowly up or down. All the floors that go in the upward direction are for/can be one of five types per each floor: Food, Service, Recreational, Retail, and Residential. Residential floors are of course one of the most influential as it allows Bitizens (the inhabitants of your Death Star) to work and live in the Death Star. Food, Recreation, Service and Retail all work as both floors for your Bitizens to work at as well as spend their hard earned money as well as visitors hard earned money.


All the floors that you can make that head downwards can only be Imperial floors, which adds that cool Star Wars flavor as well as making the Death Star fearsome and adding more you have to or can do in this game. If you haven’t guessed by now this game is a time management simulator and it is similar to other mobile games in that it does pad out the game by time locking items and it happens with longer duration the higher/lower your Death Star is built. Like other mobile games you can spend real money to speed these actions up via micro transactions by buying Imperial Bux but you can also earn these Bux in game at no cost to you. However unlike other games you can also speed things up by putting skilled Bitizens in a position or by putting them in their dream job or by getting VIP’s that visit your Death Star and appropriately applying their skill.


As long as I’ve played it for I’ve never felt the need to get Imperial Bux, which is nice considering several games that have micro transactions are not completable without shelling out money for them. While playing if you rather just play and wait the time management game you will unlock over time new/different shops/locations based on actual locations from the movies or from the extended universe, costumes (iconic and non-iconic characters of the universe) or animated scenes again some based on actual events and some just cute or camp fan service.


Speaking of fan service this games 2D pixel art aesthetics is filled with it and looks great as well as pulling in the nostalgia. Allowing much more detail in essentially 8 bit accuracy of a vibrant universe. I wanted to talk about this game first because it’s simple and fun. You can play it for a few hours and be fine not playing it again or you can play it everyday for ten or so minutes. Either way its worth checking it out even just once and something that any fan of Star Wars will think is cool even if the casual simulation genre isn’t your kind of game.



Thanks everyone for checking out this Opening week long event post, don’t forget to check back throughout the week for some more content on Star Wars Video games! If you’re new here or haven’t seen last years Star Wars Week from us then click here to check out all the Star Wars related post content we have. You can also check out the recent Acquired Loot or The Bottom Line for Star Wars related stuff as well!


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