ONS Gaming: Spring News 2015


Once again it is Spring time which means it’s time for another Spring News update to clue you all into some stuff that is going as well as a general this is why x or y is or isn’t happening. The question is where do we begin?  Let’s start with the next major event; Star Wars Week! It starts at the end of this week on Friday, May 1st and ends on next Thursday, May 7th and is of course a celebration of Star Wars and the many, many enjoyable games that so many people have grown up with. So we hope you will cheek out that.


Just like last year artwork is still being revamped with the Chibi’s taking the longest still, due to the number of them and edits. Several Title cards will be worked on soon and replaced, kind of like last years few. Of course some Events see new title cards where as others see redone versions. Again keeping with the similar theme of last year some new pages and events are being worked on as well as current known events are being either expanded or altered.


What’s going on with B.T. and why haven’t we gotten a edited or even a weekly unedited video from him?

Well as some of you may know he has moved, but a lot of work has been required in the move including some construction that is still required to be done before his office can be  set up so all his gaming and recording equipment is packed. Though for the Star Wars week you can expect at least one unedited SW video from him.

The rest we’ll leave to him to say on whats up with him:

“Sorry everyone for the super delays on everything that I’m involved in. A lot of what’s going on I didn’t or don’t have say on, and since everything with the new home is two months behind, there’s a lot things I am behind on and will temporarily be scrapping in terms of videos/content. So edited video content from me will be out of the weird continuity I had started and I’ll rewrite what I can and re-purpose what I already have once I have my office put up, which as of right now I have no clue when that will be.

I am back to working on at the very least typed content as many of you have seen, and I have a lot of stuff I am working on and even more I’ll be able to produce once everything is set up here which is exciting for me and hopefully for all of you as well. Like what will be mentioned there’s two events that are going to have more than just an observance both of which are coming in June: The D-Day one day event (June 6th) and the Birth of DPG (June 14th) which will see a few days of content around it in a DPG style flavoring.”

While we are on it what’s up with Jon & Tirc?

Recently Tirc wrote a post both as an update on Hex and whats up with him you should check it out here: Hex Update. As with Jon he has been dealing with school and work but recently put out a really good Top 10 under the My Two Rupees on Mega Man X series Mavericks/Bad Guys. Check it out, and if you think he/we should do more Top 10’s let us know! Of course they are currently working on some stuff but are keeping very quiet about what they are.

What about the others that contribute?

Recently, we got a new contributor Necro, you can check out his first post that is on the Binding of Isaac: Rebirth here. As for Kamoe he has stated that he is currently working on several reviews on some mobile games and one should be coming out “soonish”. Both Amaya and Ame-chan are MIA with content but both are doing really well. As for Noodle she is currently working on artwork for future events as well as content for them.


That’s it for the updates as of now if  there are more we will be sure to put it into a post! Hope you have a great week and look forward to all that’s upcoming as always thanks for checking our site out!


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