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The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth is the sequel to The Binding of Isaac by Edmund McMillen. The game was developed as a remake of the original game fixing bugs, adding content, new mechanics to make the game more interesting, and more difficulty. It is up to the players to decide to take on the challenge that is Rebirth.

The story, what little exists is this: Isaac lives with his mother, spending his days drawing and playing with his toys as young children are often seen doing. His mother spends her days watching religious television. One day, she hears the voice of God, who tells her that Isaac is impure and to save his soul she has to take him away from all sin. So she takes all his clothes and toys and locks him in his room. Isaac’s Mom hears God speak to her a second time asking her to kill Isaac and prove her love for Him. She charges into Isaac’s room brandishing a knife with the intent on killing her son. Isaac cowers and barely escapes into a trapdoor under his carpet and into the basement.

Random shops can be found with predetermined randomized items for sale. The shop is reminiscent of Legend of Zelda shops.

Random shops can be found with predetermined randomized items for sale. These shops are reminiscent of early Legend of Zelda shops.

This is where we start in the game and what a start it is. Crude controls are drawn on the floor giving the player directions on movement, shooting, setting bombs, and activating use items. Rebirth is a Rogue-Like game meaning that it is expected for you to die, and die, and die, and die hundreds of times as you fight your way down through a dungeon crawl like experience. Its not without hope though as each attempt having a chance of unlocking new items to make you more powerful. As well as see you unlocking new characters with different stats.

Of course the more you play the game aids to learning the mechanics of the game. Of the three the knowledge you learn is the most valuable because it will help you learn the Synergy game. Yes interestingly enough you can get Technology of which lets you fire a narrow laser beam, or you might get the Spoon Bender which gives you homing projectiles. But what if you get both at the same time what happens then? Homing lasers; a beam that twists and curves around corners, piercing through enemies while keeping you out of harms way, great right?. This is one of the less impressive combinations that can be had while playing and you can discover so many other Synergies that could make what was a losing run into an easy victory.

Yet is the game easy? No and it never gets easy, but you get better with each run and with new discovery you feel a sense of accomplishment furthering your will to play. Is it frustrating? Unbelievably so, but each thing that happens is explainable and can be prevented with skill or common sense. The ultimate question though: is it worth it? Yes, a million times yes! Each run is unique and presents different challenges and with the Afterbirth DLC in the works soon it will be offering new character, items, and enemies. The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth is a game that is worth the time, money, and frustration because it is outweighed by the fun you will have. So if you have been on the fence about getting it you should!

Binding of Isaac: Rebirth Available for PS4, Xbox 1, Wii U, New 3DS, PS Vita, and of course Steam for PC/Linux/OS X

Binding of Isaac: Rebirth
Available for PS4, Xbox 1, Wii U, New 3DS, PS Vita, and of course Steam for PC/Linux/OS X


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