March Mini-Event Wrestling Day: WWF Raw





March Mini-Event Wrestling Day: WWF Raw

With WrestleMania occurring tomorrow I thought I would take today as the chosen day for this Years Wrestling Event. Now initially I must be honest that this event was going to be a multi-day affair but alas I am working on moving and if you have moved before you know it’s a stressing affair. On top of that I will be losing Internet today and won’t have it for a few days. Even with the double kill that is I still wanted to take and play a Wrestling game from the past in celebration of the biggest pro-wrestling event: WrestleMania.

Even with some wrestling stories being childish/cartoon-ish or stupid it doesn’t make watching it equally so but really just another way to watch drama unfold much like any other TV-show. The athleticism that Pro-Wrestlers have to have is equally impressive and enjoyable to watch.  Right around the time this game came out that I would find the story telling aspect of Pro-wrestling entertaining. Moving forward I would equally find enjoyment in the wrestling games where you took acting to reality. Sadly though the Video games wouldn’t catch up to the story telling aspects for years to come.

WWE (then WWF) had started prior to the Attitude era showcasing their wrestling stars with a live television show titled Raw, while still hosting house shows (unrecorded events), and taped shows. Eventually it would see a Video game showcasing the top stars and some others in a SNES game aptly titled WWF Raw. Though this would not be the last of the Raw show being exhibited onto games.

I warn you I suck at this game…

Sadly this game isn’t No Mercy (one of my favorite Wrestling Video games) but it equally isn’t as bad as say the NES wrestling games. I just didn’t have the manual. So I knew I wouldn’t get far into it. Though I did do a thing that I do with recent games: I played Royal Rumble match and talked over/watched. Never-the-less I hope you enjoyed the video game and I hope WrestleMania is good this year for all who will be watching it.


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