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When I first started writing this article my goal was to have the length and style to be similar to when I write about a full-fledged console or PC game. After getting started I’ve come to realize that it will be tough for this and most subsequent mobile game “reviews” to be, at the very least, the same length. So for this and most Gaming on the Go articles in the future they will be smaller and more focused. This brings the potential for me to put multiple games in a single post so look out for that.


MinuteQuest fits the often used formula of mobile games – Simple on the surface, deeper than expected, addicting, and free. The best part of this is obviously the free part, which is supplemented by a bottom add bar, but it is not obtrusive to the game. The addicting part is obviously subjective based on what draws each specific person’s interests. I have discussed in the past my ability to enjoy or at the worst be able to tolerate an extensive XP grind and that is 75% of this game. I have “played” 11,383 minutes of this game on my main save file at the time I’m writing this article. The game keeps track of minutes in term of time played instead of hours and that is 189+ hours. I have the word played in parenthesis because there is a certain point in the game where the gameplay can actually be automated so often times I will set my character up to go on his journey and then let it run. None of this makes much sense not knowing the mechanics, so let’s get to that.

Minute Quest 1


The playable character in the game is a hero that you run through multiple screens where your ultimate goal is to kill the end boss. Your first tens of hours of the game the goal will be more of seeing how far you can go before you are defeated. The physical mechanic of the game is holding your finger on the side of the screen of the direction that you want your hero to travel. You gain levels at a very quick and more than reasonable rate and that is key because the level cap is around 21,000. That is not a typo. Every level you gain, you are given 5 skill points to assign to 5 categories – Power, Speed, Vitality, Intellect, and Luck. From reading a lot in the Reddit community the most important ability is speed and a certain amount is needed to defeat the end boss.

Name of the game, just grind.

Name of the game, just grind.

The play screen is mostly a character sheet with the “action” occurring at the very top of the screen. Every three tenths of a Kilometer (one screen is a tenth of a KM) there is a building. These rotate between an armor shop, weapon shop, recovery house, and skill identifier. The armor and weapon shops are static, their location and inventory never change. For each monster you kill you get experience and gold and you use that gold to purchase items. You also have a chance when you down a monster to earn it as a pet. If you recapture a pet it increases its level and you can purchase a higher level weapon or armor set over time. You will come across separate areas during your journey that have bosses and they reward you with their pet form when you defeat them.

Minute Quest 2

Different combinations of weapons, armor, and pets can give you different abilities. I mentioned before that the game can become automated. There are sets that can give you the ability Deathmarch which makes your hero move in the direction he is facing until he is defeated or reaches the end of the game. This combined with increased xp gear and the training ground where you just earn xp and no gold is a great way to grind levels while not having to attend to the game but every so often. I am currently to the end of the map but cannot seem to put a dent in the end boss, the ramp in difficulty from the rest of the game to him is fairly absurd.

This game is super simple but really fun to come back to time and time again. If you are a fan of RPGs and love the feeling you get when you level then you should give this a try. Exploring the different combinations of gear sets and trying to find that elusive pet can lead to so many hours of gameplay, all for free. If you try it let me know what you think in an e-mail or the comments below. Also leave suggestions for games you would like me to try (on IOS). If they are free I will try them for sure and I may be able to try out paid games depending on the price and the potential appeal for me.

Available on Google Play for Android and Itunes for Apple products.

Available on Google Play for Android and Itunes for Apple products.


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