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History… Notice

Today; March third is known here as Three Kingdoms Day. A day to celebrate and enjoy the Romance of the Three Kingdoms series and its video games: Dynasty Warriors, and the series of the same name; Romance of the Three Kingdoms or (RotTK). The time period that is referred to as China’s Romance of the Three Kingdoms saw a lot of game playing by myself and Jon and was one of the series that we wrote about back at the beginning of this site’s original iteration.

Game Perceptions: Dynasty Warriors & Romance of the Three Kingdoms #1 (Click to go to first post)

Three Kingdoms-Romance

Though the games are all heavily influenced by the historical novel of the same name: Romance of the Three Kingdoms which is attributed to Luo Guanzhong. The games try to be fair to all the Kingdoms however Luo Guanzhong is heavily biased being pro my favorite kingdom: Shu. Which makes the Romance of the Three Kingdoms novel a pro-Shu retelling of the events during that period. The problem with this is of course some of the historical accuracies are questionable as they embellish the truths about Shu and it’s main enemy: the kingdom of Wei.

It is almost ironic that the novel is so pro-Shu considering the fact that Wei and then Jin actually win the war and most of history is recorded by the winner not by pro-loser sides. To be fair however the story Romance of the Three Kingdoms was actually penned well after the fact and was considered to be a legend/mythical, historical and dramatic telling of the lives and events that occurred during the ending years of the Han Dynasty. Essentially Romance of the Three Kingdoms novel was it’s days version of a Hollywood film of a historical event. Some of the events and persons are accurate but a lot of embellishments were added into it as well to make it enjoyable like a play or movie.


The Koei games are interestingly different. One is very historical and tactical compared to the other which takes an approach similar to the novel that really embellishes the strengths and mythical abilities of the generals of all factions. Which is nice making both series worth having as they interest different genre players as well as the fans of the period.

Game Perceptions: Dynasty Warriors & Romance of the Three Kingdoms #2 (we returned to DW/RotTK like we said we would in the first post)

Most gamers will know of Dynasty Warriors and will consider it a sub par game, but that’s not giving it a fair go. The game as it has gone on as a series has become more historically accurate while still embellishing things and making it fun. The game has for the longest time had an encyclopedia which has entries about the various generals and happenings. The game has ethnic based music trying to make it more relevant to the Chinese theme. And the series in general is a really fun couch co-op game; as time goes on those are seemingly becoming rare. But don’t just take my word on this- (see Jon’s p.o.v. on this down below)


In Jon’s  own words on Dynasty Warriors from one of his My Two Rupee’s post: “B.T. and I are huge Dynasty Warriors fans. We love learning about the history from that time period, we like the characters (even if they are fictionalized to the extreme), and we like some of the spin-offs. On the other hand, we also like making fun of it and can understand why people wouldn’t like the game.”“It’s no secret that in Dynasty Warriors a majority of the game is mashing the attack button. You can certainly play that way, by pressing it “over, and over and over…”, but on the higher difficulties it’s not going to cut it. I know this might sound way far out there, but Dynasty Warriors does require a bit of strategy.  Especially in the later games.”  … “When a game is rooted in history, it’s very hard to do more then what actually happened.”

Amen to that…Interestingly I’m pro-Shu (as previously stated) and Jon is pro-Wei so it makes for some interesting conversations as well as fights in game. You can expect this event to occur every year. Mainly because it’s a single day and well it’s something fun related to not only a game some of us really enjoy for what it is but also as a note for what initially started the website. This event for this year was much more of an observance but in the following years we will have new things and exciting stuff for it.


Return to Civility B.T. Must....

Return to Civility B.T. Must….


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