Mecha Madness: #1-MechWarrior




Mecha Madness: MechWarrior
Hey everyone let me introduce one of the several Mini Events of March: Mecha Madness, an event that each Monday of this month you can expect a post on Mecha related video games. Now Mecha has been a part of gaming for a long time and has been featured in games to being the main focus of games and while we are at it I don’t just mean Video Games either. One such video game that stems many boundaries of mediums is that of MechWarrior.


Now MechWarrior was originally known as BattleDroids and was actually a hexagonal board game. It’s name was changed to BattleTech due to a trade mark copyright dispute (and rather go through legal actions they just changed the name). Now MechWarrior as the series has always been known here in the US as MechWarrior but in other locales such as Japan it is known even to this day as BattleTech. BattleTech refers to the Mech’s themselves where as MechWarrior refers to what we would call pilots.

Just like Mecha as a focus or feature MechWarrior as a series has encompassed a lot of mediums and genres of gaming. From its origins as a Board game to Card games, and Paper & Dice Rpgs the series has been included in simulation and real time strategy in the video game world. Though most will have experience in the more widely known simulation games of MechWarrior. This is where most of my time of play int his series has come from.



Enters MechWarrior for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES). MechWarrior for the SNES wasn’t a port but it was heavily influenced by the first PC game of the same name. In the SNES game they upgraded the graphics compared to the PC game and also utilized Mode 7 for the missions to give an illusion of 3D.

However this game’s story was different compared to the PC original by only the fact that the main character was different. As for the plot it is very similar and honestly simple: “family was killed, you seek revenge” also while amassing a fortune in the process (let’s be honest repairs and ammo are expensive). Like most MechWarrior games you are a mercenary MechWarrior pilot and you earn credits by taking on missions, all the while trying to find the main enemies of the game: “The Dark Wing Lance”, a military rogue unit who happened to kill your family. While the story is simple enough it isn’t great.


This game does have its strengths though in the form of the controls which are really functional and are not hard to figure out. Your Mech responds well to your control input so when one dies you accept it was your own doing. Death typically comes from not paying attention to your radar and or dealing with numerous Mech at once. Besides movement your Mech can also Fly but doing so will over heat your Mech so be mindful. You can use flight as a means of travel across the board or as evasive maneuvering in combat.

Depending on your opponents, you may be able to kill them before they reach you or can hit you with another one of the games pros: the Weapons. Some weapons have range limits or ammo limits, and a player can use this to their advantage.This game has a fair amount of customization that is open to the player and includes upgrades on equipment and stats as well as weapons. While there are only eight different types of Mechs you can customize them enough to make them different or suit your style of play.


This game isn’t just about battle simulation but also management. If you don’t repair your Mech or refit ammo after missions you can find yourself in a situation. A hard fought battle may cost you quite a bit specially if you should die. That being said normally there are more than one mission available with one being a bit more difficult than the other while offering you more credits.


This game’s aesthetics are what one expects for the year this was released (1993); they are suffice it to say not good, but even still the game is enjoyable to play assuming you aren’t a graphics fanatic. Outside of graphics the futuristic art design is at least interesting, and the game does acceptable in the area of music though sadly this game doesn’t have a lot of music so tracks do repeat. The music honestly does make me think of Mecha, of which my favorite track “Heat of the Fire” does make me think of music from the Anime: Gundam.

MechWarrior was honestly first introduced to me in 1995 with the PC game MechWarrior 2: 31st Century Combat as I watched my brother play it for the first time. Of course I would play that game after he got tired or went on to play some madden but I wouldn’t play this SNES game until much later.

MechWarrior as a game took place in the MechWarrior time line in the year 3027 and has been rated as a so-so game and I would agree to a point. A lot of newer reviews rates this game lower but typically it seems that the difficulty of this game is not well liked. Even still it would have a sequel of such in the SNES game MechWarrior 3050. MechWarrior 3050 would be considered a superior game compare to MechWarrior with a more balanced difficulty.

Hope you enjoyed this post and look forward to more Mecha related posts coming on Mondays of this month!

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