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This War of Mine

This War of Mine is a computer video game released by 11 Bit Studios. 11 Bit Studios S.A. is a video game development company founded originally in Warsaw, Poland on October 7th, 2010. While this game is not the first game released by 11 Bit Studios it is the first one released solely for computers (PC/Mac/Linux) where as the other games have been released for Android & iOS primarily.


To be honest this game is the first time I have dealt with 11 Bit Studios. As such I would say they are at the very least competent at making video games. So if this game doesn’t appeal to you you may attempt to try the other games in their portfolio. This War of Mine is a survival video game that uses point and click mechanics. The game is based/inspired on the 1992-96 Siege of Sarajevo (Bosnian War). This game pits two things that I enjoy in video games; War and Survival. But unlike most typical war games this one focuses on the Civilian side.

Essentially you must get your players through the war, surviving through events and the war as best as you can. There are several different combinations of survivors though on average the story starts with three persons. Different starts of the game may have different events and.or number of days you must survive before the treaty occurs (you survived the war). Unlike other survival games this game adds human emotion to the equation.



Survival is not easy with this game, you must accommodate negatives that characters may have (they may be smokers or coffee drinkers), you must contend with emotions and morality, injuries and sickness, bandits/looters and of course you must balance resources. On occasion you may have to deal with weather as some stories are set within winter or just before winter starts (so dealing with temperature).


That is of course not also mentioning snipers or bandits, and other survivors in other areas. At night you can send out one of your survivors to scavenge a series of locations (one per night). At the beginning of the game you have access to only a few areas and they are easy. You can scour them until they are dry but as time goes on new locations will appear and resources at locations will drain even if you don’t visit them due to other survivors. Newer locations as one can guess are harder as they appear because of the addition of survivors/looters/military. Some of the Npc’s will be friendly or neutral where as others will be hostile.




Npc’s will also interact with you during the day some may be helpful giving you items, some may ask things of you (either supplies or for your assistance which you will lose that character for a time who may return injured or even be killed off screen) and some will come and sell/buy items off you. Problem being not answering the door and interacting with people or declining to help people will make you lose mood. Different characters handle events/actions/morality differently, some will not care as much for declining to help, for killing other survivors, or stealing from survivors. Others will be severely affected by those events. There five different levels of mood: content, normal, sad, depressed, broken.

Depressed and Broken are the two you wish to avoid as best as you can, where as content is positive and give players a speed bonus, anything below normal slows players down. However depressed is dangerous as they may lead to broken. Broken makes that character non function; healing (applying bandages or drinking medicine, and eating all must be done with another character). Broken characters will affect everyone in your bombed out shelter as they weep all night long leading to lack of sleep for everyone. During the day they are non function as I stated, which means they can not do anything, and since they are weeping at night they can not guard or scavenge. Side note: Broken/Depressed characters may commit suicide or run away with a portion of items from your inventory stash… depressing remaining survivors.


Characters in this game are unique each with a special skill, potential vice (Smoking/Coffee), and view on morality. Which personally I think portrays the reality of survival better than other games. Since all characters are unique you can have some pretty interesting combinations and or make surviving starts more challenging or easier depending on the line up. This also lends itself to re-playability with different line ups. Also on a side note characters have their own stories & goals and end of the game has good/ neutral and bad endings for each individual.

While attempting to survive you can build and upgrade workshops which allows items to be made or resources to be gained. The more advanced workshops you can make the better you will have a chance at surviving, and the less risky chances you must take while scavenging at night.


Visually this game has a very indie feel and overall has a charcoal like esthetics. There is also a fog of war mechanic with rooms you cant see but specifically affects other locations outside of your home base which makes exploring kind of exciting or tense. The fire/lighting effects are done well. But overall the gloomy and depressed feeling of war is gotten across wonderfully so.

Scratchy fog of war for rooms you can not see into.

Scratchy fog of war for rooms you can not see into.

Ultimately you can’t go guns a blazing in this game like in other war games. Well honestly that is true because you are a civilian and you don’t have a gun at the start or any weapon for that matter. You need to play more strategically compared to other survival games and for that alone I think this game is worth its price tag and should be gotten. This game has management, risk versus reward and realism could associate with survival games but includes human emotion and condition. It also has your normal gather as much as you can mentality. But unlike say Minecraft or Terraria; materials/items are always of some value at every point of this game. This game gets a Get it score, for what it is and its cost which is well worth it. An indie game with depth and enjoyment with a good amount of re-playability.

I have as of this post played this game for: 6+ hours.


Want to check out what the game looks like, check some of the video down below out!


What a cruel thing War is... To fill our hearts with hatred instead of love for our neighbors. - General Robert E. Lee

What a cruel thing War is… To fill our hearts with hatred instead of love for our neighbors.
– General Robert E. Lee


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