2015 Valentines Day; Together: PAYDAY2






PAYDAY2 is a game developed by Overkill Software and published by 505 Games released August 13th 2013. This game is a co-op focused game about a group of heist artists (criminal elements). It has the feeling great heist related movies like Heat, and with the games clown like masks definitely can make one think of the clown heist in The Dark Knight. Now PAYDAY2 is a sequel to PAYDAY: The Heist but this game cane be played without ever having played the original.

Now the game is Co-op focused fps heist game, though it does have single player however the single player is atrocious. It will take many games to just gain the same amount of exp as you could have gained in less multiplayer games. The main fault here is the companion AI they are really bad and there’s no major input to give them where as when playing with friends you can shout for help or plan things that you can’t do with the AI.

While the single player is the weakest point of the game If you have leveled a bit with friends you can better accomplish the smaller jobs in single player but starting out with the game our best bet is to do some multiplayer rounds until you level a bit and get better equipment. Yet still a note: in single player you will always be doing the work… you are a one man or woman army with three derps along for the hell of it.

If single player is the weakness than the co-op is the strength. The co-op for this game is great, because it on it’s own adds depth and enjoyment of the game. What is better than drinking a beer with friends and yelling at them as shit hits the fan? Nothing, unless of course you’re playing serious then well panic with your friends and try and retain the upper hand against the police response.

There is a new DLC character, the games first female playable character: Clover. currently 4.99 for this dlc (other content comes along with clover as well.  Base game $29.99 usd

There is a new DLC character, the games first female playable character: Clover. currently 4.99 for this dlc (other content comes along with clover as well. Base game $29.99 usd

Within this game are several different types of jobs and some jobs have multiple maps, others only have slight variations. There are a few methods such as well ‘bang and go loud’ and stealth. Stealth however is a tactic that can’t be done earlier on as it typically requires a team that has leveled up a bit. If however you wish to try stealth even at early levels just to get a taste then by all means do so, maybe you and your friends can make that a game of itself but you may play for a half an hour stealth wise and end up all for naught.

The different kinds of jobs differ in a few ways besides the aforementioned ones. Some of the heists are basic heists one imagines a criminal group of this ilk would partake… robbing jewelry stores, small shops, and banks… Then there are what I call the story driven heists which are more complicated, have a story and of course the rewards and difficulty are higher. Speaking of Difficulty heists have different levels of difficulty even when displayed on the map. You always have multiple options but let’s just say you have the options that include three bank heists and they may all be variants or the exact same heist but with different difficulties.


Crimenet your job hub

Different jobs, different difficulties and what more? Different skills. This game has several skill classes that a player may master in well similar fashion to other talent trees in other games, you can go for one or a little in them all. And specialization just allows for a more unique group and can be tailored to your style of play but your team doesn’t need to be one of the four it can be comprised of all the same people specially since more recently a release was made (free update) that added to the skills section to add components in addition to the normal skill trees so you all can be the same class and yet still all be unique and again to your play style.

Of course there are also different set of gear some of which is heist specific that you can unlock for the job and other is well personal gear you unlock and keep with you. Masks also can be bought, altered, and painted . Though everything in general costs a lot. One can pontificate that everything costs so much due to the fact you need the items for illegal actions and there for secrecy is important (i.e no paper trails). Or may be its the game’s way of balancing.

This game shines with it’s multiplayer and every year there is some added content that makes having the game worth while. Some of the content is DLC that one must pay but the majority of which is not expensive and when the game goes on sale it can be gotten for well a sale. Other bits of content are free updates. While the gameplay is repetitive its forgivable due to its nature. This games focus is more on the fun in co-op while the game does have story it’s nothing to write home about. Don’t get me wrong the story and the details for the heists (jobs) are wonderful but for the sake of this review let’s call them polish and not focuses. This game is fortunately widely available for PC, PlayStation 3 & 4 and Xbox one and 360.

Verdict: A wonderful Multiplayer experience, and a reason to scream ” Where is the van” while fighting off security forces. Play it if it interests you.

I have as of this post played this game for: 15+ hours.


We here hope you all had a wonderful Valentines Day, if you like heist movies and always wanted to be in one but love the freedom that law abiding citizens have then please get this game. If you are wondering how does PAYDAY 2 have anything to do with Valentines Day… well remember Together, Payday is a type of candy, and Bonnie and Clyde!


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