2015 Valentines Day: Together Opener





2015 Valentines Day Mini Event Opener

It is I: B.T. and if you will let me first start this post off by wishing via both from myself and on be half of ONS Gaming that to you all, regardless of where or who ever you are that you have a wonderful Valentines day. Last year we started this mini event with the theme that Love Bites and a look at the mature themed puzzle based video game Catherine. This years theme is: Together. While Valentines Day is a day celebrating lovers it’s also a day of love in general. For me I always celebrated it as such whether the love was focused on a girlfriend, or a friend, or family.

Love is Love and honestly not every Valentines Day do I have a significant other to celebrate with and nor does everybody else. Rather than wallow in depression/despair, sadness and self pity or doubt I rather be positive even if being realistic or pragmatic to some seems negative it fairs better off than doing the aforementioned negative actions. So what do I do? I focus on the good things, the good notions of Love whether again its from family or friends, or it be present or past.

Now I’m sure some of you smirked or had a snarky comment for this years theme but I really want you to think about it… What do we all do together? We play video games. Now quite honestly I prefer single player games but I do and have dabbled in many an excursion into the world of Multiplayer. I Have played multiplayer games since the NES. Some games can be far better than what they were made as by the serious fun one has with their friends. It’s kind of how board games while some may yawn at can be extremely fun and thanks to games like Cards Against Humanity or maybe the far more family friendly series of games: Munchkins and of course many more that board games both new or traditional.

Who we play with and against can make or at times break a games fun. Which is the main focus of the majority of video games. Fun. It is a medium for enjoyment and that’s not to say a games story can’t be deep or the game itself can’t be thought provoking, but by far and large it’s about fun and entertainment as it should be.

Good Times, Worms series.

Good Times, Worms series.

So this year remember your love ones, and remember of good multiplayer experiences and let’s hope that we all have great times with both video games and our loved ones!
Originally this was going to be a single post event that was very long, that has since changed. As this post is just the Opener it is a thought provoking/ notification of the event and it’s purpose. A second post will come later (expect it late tonight). A third post may or may not follow but may actually hit on February 15th for the EST of which the ONS Gaming personal fall into.

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