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RSR: FTL (Faster Than Light)
FTL (Faster Than Light), is a PC game (also now on iOS) that is a real time strategic top down rogue-like simulation game set in space. Initially released back in 2012, more recently there was an ‘Advanced Edition’ that was released on April 3rd of 2014; which added more ships and events to the game (increasing. The edition was a free update for owners of the original PC game. FTL was created by a team of just Two guys for the majority of the games development, it would be assisted by a few others before the game was released but the others were minor players.

FTL Races

The Races

Like I stated before FTL is a Rogue-like game, which is called as such due to the original game that spawned the genre Rogue. For a game to be considered a Rogue-like it must have standards in the game. If it is only similar or inspired by but does not follow the requirements closely a game may often be dubbed as a Rogue-lite with still considerable rogue-like influence upon it. Rogue-likes all feature a combination of: randomly generated (tile-based) levels/rooms, combat systems that are turn based, are often single player though not exclusively so, and most importantly: permadeath.

FTL supports a majority of these, as each world and the events therein are randomly generated. Rogue-likes originally started out as a sub-genre of paper & dice based rpg’s and their computer text based adventure counterparts. As such their inspiration comes from games like D&D and so on and the random events and their outcomes are very reminiscent of well dice rolls and that random luck based nature. Now while FTL’s combat system is real time it is however plausible allowing if you will a level of turn based like strategy.


FTL is exclusively single player and has permadeath, or once you die it is game over and you must start anew with everything. Much like Text adventures and D&D your actions and random events can be very costly and indeed things may turn horrible with a flip of a coin. The game really requires you to play wisely at times yet still requiring you to explore or if you do reach the end of the game you will still lose to the boss even on easy.

That’s another thing, the games difficulty is really hard even on easy due to the roll of the dice feel and permadeath. While I would complain on the difficulty it however does a nice job with feeling like a dice based game as well as honestly realism as space battles in reality would not be pleasant and the means at which one would die of course would be really at the hands of themselves (or their Captain).

You can die by several ways and believe me you probably will. While its all kind of limited it’s at least again some realism in this game. You can die to fires that occur on your ship which if not put out will spread. You can die by lack of oxygen on the ship. If you run out of fuel you will die destined to drift in space until you well expire (or insert other imaginative ends here). You can die if you are boarded and killed by the boarding party be they rebels or pirates boarding by opponents, and of course there’s the typical your spaceship explodes in mid battle.

The game itself is quite interesting you are a lone ship (and her crew) trying to outrun a massive fleet of rebels that are angry at the federation. Why we are never told but your ship holds secrets that could turn about the war into the Federations favor. You must travel across several sectors to get to the sector that the Federation is waiting in. Each sector has like twenty or so points of interest, where events may or may not happen (or shops maybe) but you have limited time in each sector as every turn you take the rebel fleet gets closer.

Sector Map

Sector Map

Being strategic and balancing gathering resources and improving your crew and your ships capabilities as you traverse on while continuing on with life and materials is hard but a must. Let me be honest with the ship you start with you must upgrade as you go and even then you have a slight chance to get to the end. This games difficulty comes in again with the fact there is no guarantee, your game can take hours and you may get a victory or loss or your game may be over in a matter of 10 minutes (with a loss). Great thing about this game is you can play for hours whether you win or lose and you can play for a few minutes and save and pick it up.

Risk vs Reward.

Risk vs Reward.

This game regardless of its difficulty is an enjoyable game and a major time sink if you allow it to be. Even if you game over and over you can still gain new ships which can alter your play or increase your chances.

Verdict: Get this Game!


I have as of this post played this game for: 6+ hours.

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    • It really is an addictive game. Trying different strategies, combinations of crew, and ships can help further you in the game. Even on easy it isn’t easy which is some what of an interesting and refreshing thing. For B.T. the game reminds him of D&D like games and that’s why he likes it but for others the addictive gameplay or the fact you can pick it up and play for 10 minutes or drop it pretty quickly may lend to its popularity.

      And btw thanks for visiting our site!

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